Will a British Band ever get a chance to Perform in the Super Bowl?

With the selection of Bruno Mars to perform at Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show in New York, the NFL open the possibility to new groups in one the most important sporting event in the world.

The first halftime shows were nothing fancy with college football bands playing and marching, by the way; it’s a good thing to stay informed on the NCAA college football because it gives you a glimpse on the future talents to arrive to the NFL.

Moving on, it was until 1991, with the New Kids on the block, when Super Bowl began to schedule famous artists.

However, after 2004 incident with Janet Jackson wardrobe controversy, the league selected long-established acts like Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, The Who and Madonna. Even the most recent halftime artist, Beyoncé, has been a star since the late 1990s.

Bruno Mars, whose first album was released in 2010, could be the beginning of a new era of halftime shows. Classic bands are ok, but fans are waiting to see something different and the possibility would be bigger if the game is played outside United States.

After some years of playing a regular season game in Wembley Stadium, Chris Parsons, NFL’s senior vice president of international games, said that the fan base in United Kingdom is now more than 2 million, and there’s a future possibility of expanding the league to this part of Europe.

Two years ago, there was a rumor that league officials were considering holding the Super Bowl L in London. Having the NFL championship game in England will be the opportunity that local bands have been waiting for.

The Summer Olympics closing ceremony was one of the best in recent years, thanks to an exciting selection of English songs from various eras. Can you imagine Muse, Coldplay or the Artic Monkeys playing at halftime?

A survey revealed that Paul McCartney (2005) and The Rolling Stones (2006) are in the Top Ten halftime shows of all time, so why not give a chance to a British band?

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