Urvanovic create orchestral serenity fused with indie noise pop intensity

Urvanovic release their debut album Amateurs via Survivalist
Urvanovic release their debut album Amateurs

Urvanovic are a seven-piece band from Edinburgh that fuse orchestral arrangements and indie noise pop with intense serenity. On Amateurs, Urvanovic have created a spectacular amalgamation of live and digital instrumentation that creates an overwhelmingly powerful sound. Tom Irvine and Seonaid Stevenson’s vocals blend together effortlessly throughout the release, riding on a wave of polyphony that dances from your speakers and fills the room.

Urvanovic are a seven-piece band from Edinburgh
Urvanovic are a seven-piece band from Edinburgh

Amateurs begins with a sound that takes me back to my childhood.  Stopping a game of  football in the street as the ice cream van beckons children from their summer daze. But then comes a distorted shoegazer power chord from a guitar dripping in distorted fuzz noise that pulls me back to Earth with a crash; and so begins the fusion of orchestral beauty and hard, heavy electrified sounds that merge better than my words can ever hope to explain.

Open Ground

Originally created as a studio experiment in Edinburgh, Urvanovic formed in 2012 as a by-product of songwriter Tom Irvine’s (vocals, keys, guitar) composition projects at university. He then created a musical collective with the aforementioned Seonaid Stevenson (vocals, trumpet) as well as Niall Sinclair (laptop & keyboard, noises),David Hill (drums, percussion), Emma Donald (violin), Bethany Coyle (violin), Rachel Wilson (cello), David Norris (violin), Amanda Currie (violin), Tim Cais (cello) and Graham Coe (cello) to create the intense and captivating sound so beautifully choreographed on Amateurs..

Think Fast

Straddling the line between folk rock and indie electronica, for every lo-fi song on the album, such as ‘Waterworks’ and ‘Onomatophobia’ there is an equally anthemic counterpart, whether it’s the distortion heavy and immediate album opener ‘Open Ground’ or the electro heavy ‘Bubblewrap’. Urvanovic are not a band who can be easily pigeon holed, and their ability to create a noise that’s both deliciously complex and eminently listenable is a credit to their ability as musicians.

Urvanovic are currently only set to play three live dates in Scotland. With the release of this wonderfully absorbing debut album, hopefully they will feel the urge to venture further afield.

Urvanovic Amateurs tracklisting:
1. Open Ground
2. Waterworks
3. Bubblewrap
4. Onomatophobia
5. Think Fast
6. Handholds
7. Pollen
8. The Mine
9. The Worry Trail

Urvanovic Live Dates:
9th June – 13th Note w/ Panda Su & Finn LeMarinel – Glasgow
12th June – Wee Red Bar w/ Esperi & The Jellyman’s Daughter – Edinburgh
13th June – Love Music – In-store session and exclusive early Vinyl release – Glasgow

Amateurs by Urvanovic is released via Survivalist.

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