Urth is the debut alt rock album by Kagoule

Kagoule release their debut album Urth
Kagoule debut album Urth

There is a fresh alt rock noise coming out of Nottingham, the home of Earache Records. The noise is coming from a young three-piece by the name, Kagoule. They produce dark, heavy and powerful, melodic alt rock. Cai Burns plays a fuzz distorted guitar and sings while being perfectly complimented by Lucy Hatter’s rumbling bass, vocal harmonies; and Laurence English pounding drums.


Following several single releases, Kagoule release their debut album Urth. The three teenagers weren’t even born when Earache Records made its name releasing death thrash metal from the likes of Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Bolt Thrower. Urth is an intense and forward-thinking listen from a band ready to step forward and shake things up. The band have formed a dark, melodic, heavy and constantly evolving sound. The bass-heavy, distorted guitar led sound of Kagoule is reminiscent of the post-hardcore fuzz guitar of Fugazi and Mudhoney, and post-grunge alternative rock, MTV-induced mainstream crossover of Smashing Pumpkins. Listening to Urth, it’s easy to forget this powerful music that sounds so grounded and established, is being made by three so young.

Urth includes 11 great songs including recent singles Gush and Glue. Lucy sings lead vocals on the latest single, the wistful and bittersweet Made Of Concrete.


Cai explains how he came across the sound: “It came as a trapped sound in a Boss delay pedal box. Someone at the factory must’ve been humming in the right direction at the right time, the waves slipped through and the cardboard door sealed behind them. It journeyed over sea and land, benumbed by fear until I freed it from its torture and gave it a home (I think that’s how sound works right?) It was one of the first songs I wrote for Kagoule. I think I was 15. After the initial “Check out what this pedal can do” it hasn’t changed much, apart from the fact Lucy won the rights to sing it from me over a heated Beyblade tournament.”

Other tracks include the one-minute punk thrash of Empty Mug, complete with Lucy Hatter’s screaming banshee backing vocals; and the anthemic Smashing Pumpkins-esque It Knows It.


The album is produced by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, M.I.A, The Fall) and Pete Fletcher (Childhood).


Kagoule – Urth tracklist:

Adjust The Way
Damp Sand
Empty Mug
Made Of Concrete
Open Mouth
It Knows It

Urth by Kagoule is released via Earache Records.

Forthcoming Live Dates:

Sept. 17 – Vienna, Austria – Arena 3 Raum Bar w/ Ball Park Music
Sept. 18 – Berlin, Germany – Magnet
Sept.22 – Hannover, Germany – Lux
Sept. 25 – Dusseldorf, Germany – Zakk w/ METZ
Sept. 26 – Hambury, Germany – Reeperbahn Festival
Sept. 27 – Leipzeig, Germany – Ilses Erika w/ Ball Park Music
Sept. 28 – Prague, Czech Republic – Basement Bar
Sept. 30 – Cologne, Germany – Blue Shell w/ Ball Park Music
Oct. 01 – Brussels, Belgium – Witloof Bar @ Botanique
Oct. 03 – Portsmouth, UK – Dials Festival w/ Black Honey + Hooton Tennis Club
Oct. 09 – Nottingham, UK – Rock City w/ Sleaford Mods
Oct. 10 – Leeds, UK – Beacons Metro w/ Traams, Pins, Crushed Beaks
Oct. 18 – Manchester, UK – Carefully Planned Festival
Oct. 23 – All Years Leaving Festival w/ The Wytches, Speedy Ortiz, Chastity Belt

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