UK Music Festivals take Anti Ticket Tout Action

One of Europe’s leading secondary ticketing companies, Viagogo has signed a deal with Festival Republic to become the official secondary ticketing partner for the Reading, Leeds and Latitude music festivals this summer.

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This is the first time any major music festivals have signed a partnership of this kind. Viagogo is not a primary ticket seller but allows fans to buy and sell tickets with 100% guarantees that all tickets that are bought and sold are genuine tickets. Viagogo guarantees the transaction and delivery of tickets so fans who buy will actually get their tickets, and fans who sell will actually get paid.

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The online secondary ticket company will also have a physical pick-up point at Leeds and Latitude festival sites and a pick up point in Reading town centre to allow fans to collect their tickets.

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Since 2006, viagogo has provided the official ticket resale service for top football clubs such as Manchester United, and Chelsea FC. The Manchester United and Chelsea FC ticket exchanges allow season ticket holders to sell their spare tickets to other fans. This new deal follows viagogo’s partnerships with Madonna and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group.

Melvin Benn, Managing Director of Festival Republic said:

“There were some disastrous ticketing issues last year leaving many fans disappointed after ‘buying’ non-existent resale tickets. A number of rouge ticketing websites sprung up offering fans tickets to our festivals that they did not posses. We have therefore agreed to work with viagogo as the recommended and only official ticket exchange for the Reading, Leeds, and Latitude festivals. If fans use other ticket exchanges or buy from unauthorized agents they risk being defrauded and not getting their festival tickets.”

Eric Baker, CEO of viagogo said:

“viagogo is thrilled to have been chosen as the official ticket exchange for 2009’s Reading, Leeds and Latitude festivals. It is an honour to be working with these events, which are among the premiere music festivals in all the world.”

viagogo has also signed a similar deal with the Isle of Wight Festival to become the official secondary ticketing and ticket exchange partner of the festival.

John Giddings, Isle of Wight Festival organiser said:

“With the recent media speculation over untrustworthy ticket touts we wanted to make sure that festival-goers could purchase tickets from a reliable source. The Isle of Wight Festival has signed viagogo as they are undoubtedly the market leader in their area. They provide unparalleled expertise in secondary ticketing and we have absolute confidence that they will offer the best possible service to our customers.”

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2 thoughts on “UK Music Festivals take Anti Ticket Tout Action”

  1. Take a step back and consider this before you jump on the bandwagon of current hate and mass hysteria created by the concert promoters in the UK about so called ‘ticket touts’.

    In a callous campaign, led by the promoters in the UK, seeking to have a monopoly on selling tickets, they have viciously attacked the least defenceless part of the industry and have sought to blame concerts and festivals selling out in record time on touts.

    If you actually opened your eyes you would see what was really going on! The future of making money in the record industry is no longer in selling records, a few years ago it was file swapping etc they were seeking to outlaw and they failed and now have moved on to touts, This is because they simply don’t sell enough records and cds to make money, the future is in live performances, and the big bucks are in these concerts! Why do you think Mick Jagger checks out of the OAP home every year to go round the world again?

    A band used to make 80p in every £1 worth of sales of a record, if you sold a million records that would be ok, now they make about 20p in every pound and are lucky if the sell 30,000 If they did they would be number one. This is because of falling sales and more people downloading legally for a few pence or illegally for free.

    As a result the only way to make money in the music industry is live performance and this is why they want to outlaw the resale of tickets as they want to secure a monopoly on the profits from the sales. If a law was passed within 12 months do you really think ticket prices would go down ??? – they would go up as they seek to increase their revenue.

    Do you really think the likes of Glastonbury, T in the Park and Take That concerts sold out because touts bought all the tickets? They sell out anyway. Where the 250,000 people who failed to get Glastonbury tickets all touts flawed by Melvin Braggs Nazi state system?

    The fact is these things will sell out either way, and if the promotors have there way, should you want to go and pay over the odds you will no longer be able to. There will be no sellers (touts) online and you will have to take your chances outside a venue as the law would be as enforceable there as it is a football match where it is illegal yet there’s still 100s of touts.

    If a few touts go and buy 20 or 30 tickets to sell online this is nothing in the grand scheme of things. If you want to blame someone then blame the BBC, yep that’s right the BBC!

    Since the Radio 1 stage and the live coverage by the BBC have been allowed in to various festivals, so has the demand for tickets increased. When all you middle class kids watched all the hippies, dropouts, pot heads, e heads, scallies and lefties all having so much fun together getting wrecked on TV you all decided you wanted to come too! Now the whole of middle England wants to go wound up in to a frenzy by one dimensional djs on radio 1. The same radio 1 who banned such cultural gems as The Sex pistols, A Day in the Life 1967 by the Beatles, Lola 1970 by the Kinks, Relax 1984 by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and even Honky Tonk Angel 1973 by Cliff Richard?

    Anyway this blatant morally corrupt few at the top, true capitalist of Maggie’s third Reich want to make the Rich Richer themselves by having exclusive rights to sell you tickets at monopolised inflated prices.

    Back to that OAP Mick Jagger & the Rolling Stones who sell their own tickets for hundreds of pounds, exclusive clubs you must join to buy the best most inflated price tickets and if you are super rich there’s always VIP tickets available for thousands of pounds, that’s what you get if you let the promoters have there way.

    They know this and they are running a very successful campaign to secure their capital, all this rubbish about the evil touts is their attempt to pull the wool over your eyes, the government know this, that is why they rejected the promoters proposals saying it was unfair and they should not be allowed to do it.

    Even Glastonbury tickets shot up from £120 to £155 despite the extra 20,000 tickets this year and it will keep going up as there is so much demand and they know people will pay it as they have watched you doing it on ebay for years and now they want control of it.

    If you think that our culture of outdoor music should be shaped by the likes of Meanfiddler and their private army security scum. The ones that look like storm troopers in armed vans watching your every move, then you carry on believing the hype.

    In ending I suggest that you should not frown upon the tout but be grateful that he is there to buy a ticket off when all your mates have got tickets and you haven’t, remember its not his doing that tickets all sold out, and why deny the working class a little graft and a little profit when they went through all the effort to make them available to you.

    And please remember don’t believe the hype! If you go down to Glastonbury town centre this summer when the festival is on you will find despite the promoters telling you it’s now a ‘tout free’ festival 100s of touts sitting in the cafes like they do every year selling 100s of tickets at face value that they have made the effort to go and buy of all the old dears in Glastonbury, all lovely hospitality tickets with no pictures on, at face value, and a bit of banter and haggling, much more fun then sitting at a computer for three hours with two telephones cello taped to your ear.

  2. wow that comment is better than the article it relates to, some really passionate comments, many of which i agree with. What is the future of festival tickets if they’re all sold out by the time you get out of bed!

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