Tyrannosaurus Dead – debut album “Flying Ant Day”

album review

Odd Box records are releasing the debut album by Tyrannosaurus Dead, the Brighton/London based fuzz merchants, Having been introduced to them  by Dandelion Radio’s Rocker, yet again, their stuff has been bouncing around my head for the last year or so. “Flying Ant Day” is the follow up to Eleanor’s Party, a compilation of their early singles/EP releases and is generally regarded as a very good thing for the world to have. It’s certainly been my record of choice for the past few months and is just fab from start to finish. If you’re unfamiliar with this band, at least listen to the hip-pairing of “Soft” and “Sadie”, two of the highlights from an album of great stuff.

With that in mind, expectations for Flying Ant Day were running high and, as it kicked off for the first time, my immediate reaction was that I’d put the wrong CD on. Such is the contrast of the opening track “Canada” to what I was expecting. The following “Radio Lies”, coming across as an odd mixture of Pixies and Gordon Gano, did little to reassure me I hadn’t made a mistake. However, from “Post Holiday Dead Song” onwards, things returned to more familiar territory.

I love the way that initial reactions to music are often completely different to how we think after a few more listens.  I was wrong and Rocker was right. I was, after the first listen, wary and slightly disappointed by FAD but, a few weeks later, I keep listening to it and finding more and more to love. The dual-vocals of Eleanor and Billy, always a big attraction for me, are still working their magic and there are, of course, still lashings of wonderful fuzzy guitars to dive around in. It’s a step on from Eleanor’s Party but, despite my early worries, not so much that it gives cause for anything other than celebration and joy. Like its predecessor, this is an album that handsomely rewards repeated listening.

They’re playing the Odd Box all-dayer in November and I’m lucky enough to have a ticket. It promises to be anything but a day of easy-listening and I can’t wait.

Odd Box records just keep giving us reasons to be happy. Thanks Trev – keep it coming!

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