Twisted Wheel – debut album review

Twisted Wheel - Self-titled debut album due out on 13th April
Twisted Wheel - Self-titled debut album due out on 13th April

With various influences dripping from every track Twisted Wheel release their impressive, powerful guitar-led self-titled debut album while creating quite a fuss.

With a growing fan club already including Noel & Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown, Kasabian and Paul Weller, Twisted Wheel look set for big things in 2009.

Following a gig at the Night & Day in Manchester the band gave Clint Boon (ex-Inspiral Carpets) a demo, who in turn passed it on to Paul Weller. The band were totally shocked when Weller then contacted them and offered his studio free of charge for recording.

Twisted Wheel’s music is full of the kind of enthused energy that is lacking in so much of today’s music.  Think punk like early Clash & The Jam; and 1960’s teenage angst of The Kinks and The Who.

The vocal delivery suggests  Steve Marriott and Paul Weller, and on the most explosive tracks such as the live favourite Lucy The Castle and Oh What Have You Done, the post-punk aggression of Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69) and Mensi of the Angelic Upstarts (remember them?). While on Strife Oldham-born singer/guitarist Jonny Brown‘s vocal delivery is more akin to other contemporary groups like The Arctic Monkeys and The View.

But aside from all these references, Twisted Wheel is a young lively band full of energy and spunk.

But not all Twisted Wheel’s songs are full of power and aggression. The slow and sublime track Bouncing Bomb is an acoustic lament in the spirit of That’s Entertainment by The Jam or The Kinks Dead End Street.

But mostly Twisted Wheel blast out anthemic powerful garage rock like Lucy The Castle, Let Them Have It All and We Are Us which prove British rock music is in safe hands.

The self-titled debut album by Twisted Wheel is due for release on 13th April 2009 on Columbia records.

2 thoughts on “Twisted Wheel – debut album review”

  1. The album is brilliant.. but PLEASE dont keep compareing them to other bands.. I mean.. whos old enough to remember Jimmy Pursey – and really, Jonny Brown doesnt sound like him one bit!!!
    Twisted Wheel are pure rock n roll… They’re on tour in May and I suggest everyone goes n sees them for a quality night out….

  2. Saw them a few weeks ago for the first time – they were BRILLIANT – I can’t believe I’d never come across them before!! I’ve just booked to see them at the MINI United event at Silverstone next weekend – Can’t wait!!

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