Thrill Jockey re-issue Tortoise 7″ singles & albums + Tour Dates

Thrill Jockey re-issue Tortoise
Thrill Jockey re-issue Tortoise

Thrill Jockey have announced that Tortoise will be playing a string of European live dates this summer. The cool record label will also be re-issuing their first two singles as part of Record Store Day, and six albums throughout 2012 in celebration of Thrill Jockey’s 20th anniversary celebration.

Tortoise Tour Dates 2012

12 May 2012
E-Santiago Compostella, Auditorio Galicia

15 May 2012
E-Madrid, Rock Kitchen, Sublime Shows

16 May 2012
E-Barcelona, Apolo, Sublime Shows

17 May 2012
E-Valencia, Wah Wah
18.5. Fri E-Sevilla, Territorios Festival

2 June 2012
London, Field Day Festival

3 June 2012
MK-Skopje, OFF Fest

4 June 2012
HR-Zagreb, Tvornica Kulture

5 June 2012 München, Feierwerk

6 June 2012
CH-Zürich, Moods

8 June 2012
B-Hasselt, Kunstencentrum Belgie

9 June 2012
E-Tenerife, Próximos Festival

18 July 2012
N-Molde, M. Int. Jazz Festival, Teatret Vart

20 July 2012
N-Tønsberg, Slottsfjellet (open air amphi)

Thrill Jockey re-issue Tortoise 7″ singles for Record Store Day
As part of Record Store Day (April 21st) we will be reissuing of the first two Tortoise singles.  Lonesome Sound was released on Thrill Jockey and features a cover of the Freakwater song of the same name.  Mosquito (also the band’s original name) was released on David Sims’ (Jesus Lizard) Torsion Music label.

These releases feature the original line-up of Douglas McCombs, John Herndon, Bundy K. Brown, John McEntire and Brad Wood!  Both have been re-cut to vinyl by Bob Weston (Shellac) and feature the original fold-over artwork.  Both 7″ sleeves can be put together to form a full four panel poster.

Thrill Jockey re-issue First Two Tortoise 7″ singles

Lonesome Sound 7″
1. Lonesome Sound
2. Reservoir
3. Sheets

Mosquito 7″
1. Mosquito
2. Gooseneck

Thrill Jockey re-issue Six Tortoise Albums
Thrill Jockey will be reissuing the following Tortoise albums throughout 2012. The releases will be spread out over the year, to coincide with the 20th Anniversary celebrations.  20th Anniversary LP Limited re-issues on CD & digital download:

It’s All Around You
Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Beacons of Ancestorship

For more information visit the Thrill Jockey Tortoise website page.


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