The Smoking Hearts kick off February UK Tour with free show in London

smoking hearts
smoking hearts

Kicking off their UK tour with a free show in London tonight, The Smoking Hearts will be showcasing their new vocalist Ben Mills, formerly of Essex hardcore band The Takeover.

Previous singer Rodd Lethal quit the band by text message last year, just as things were hotting up for the band following the release of their debut album Pride Of Nowhere which had received rave reviews from the likes of Kerrang! and NME.

Before auditions could take place, Ben Mills heard of the vacancy and soon emerged as a prime contender upon his first meeting with the rest of The Smoking Hearts. His credentials for the job received a huge boost when he drunkenly stumbled backwards into a baby’s push chair! Fortunately the push chair was empty at the time and no babies were harmed in the recruitment of the singer!

Mills joins drummer Matty Taylor, Bassist Calvin Roffey, Guitarists Nobba Green and Simon Barker in making up the current line up of The Smoking Hearts.

The Smoking Hearts will be playing at the following UK venues during February:


1              Purple Turtle                      London                 FREE SHOW!

7              Edge of The Wedge        Portsmouth

8              Marquee                             Norwich

10           Bar 1:22                                Huddersfield

11           Bang Bar                              Basingstoke

13           Railway Hotel                     Southend On Sea

15           The Bowery                        London

17           Red Lion                               Stevenage

18           The Flag                               Watford

19           Mutiny Club @ Backline                Guilford

20           Harry’s Bar                          Stoke-on-Trent

For further information visit The Smoking Hearts website.



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