The Science Department – Yesterday’s Sound of Tomorrow Today

The Science Department - Yesterday's Sound of Tomorrow TodayThroughout the 1970’s computers and synthesizers were being used to create experimental music. In the main, UK artists were following in the footsteps of German pioneers such as Kraftwerk and Can.  Both had achieved UK Top 20 singles.  But neither had crossed over into the world of pop.

In the late 1970s bands like The Human League, Ultravox and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark were erring towards producing more commercial music with synthesizers. But it was a chance meeting between a young Gary Numan and a moog synthesizer that would spawn what was to become known as synth pop, with his 1979 number 1 hit single, ‘Are Friends Electric’. Synthesizers replaced guitars and a new genre was created. But it wasn’t long before synthesized sounds were replaced by real instruments, at least as far as commercial music was concerned.

The new debut album from The Science Department is a throwback to the analogue synth pop sounds of the late 1970s.  Some of the tracks wouldn’t be out of place on either of The Human League’s first two albums (Reproduction & Travelogue); and that is the company this album comfortably sits with.

The Science Department started as a bedroom band.  Nothing more than a side project for two old school friends with a passion for pop music and a love for all things analogue.  But they have steadily built a fanbase via occasional social media output.

Destined to be listed in numerous ‘Best Albums of the Year’ charts, this self-produced 12 track debut album resides in the ‘all thrillers no fillers’ category and should do nothing but gather accolades and praise. It is a truly brilliant album full of well-crafted pop songs that delivers everything you want from an album that proudly oozes oodles of retro synth sounds and perfectly defines yesterday’s sound of tomorrow, today.

The Science Department debut album is scheduled for release on 6th April and is available as a digital download and very limited CD. On Saturday 7th April they make a very rare live appearance  – an Album Launch live show at The Rising Sun in Rochester, Kent.

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