The Len Price 3 – Pictures – album review

Pictures by The Len Price 3
Pictures by The Len Price 3

After seeing The Len Price 3 live last month I got a copy of their latest album, Pictures.

Live, The Len Price 3 are full of garage punk sweat and beans, jumping round and off the stage, frantic stomping to and fro, with more beats per minutes than The Jam ever had for breakfast.  The album, on the other hand, is more subdued, slower and altogether errs more towards 1960s pop of The Who, Small Faces and The Kinks.  Not a bad thing but for me live The Len Price 3 sound is more garage than Mod Pop, more punk amphetamine than purple hearts.


Ex-member of The Prisoners, Graham Day and Jim Riley produced Pictures and I’m assuming that choice was made to accentuate the ‘Medway Sound’ of this album.  I wonder if a Steve Albino produced album would bring out the garage punk energy of their live performances.

With Pictures, The Len Price 3 deliver 13 tracks in just over 30 minutes.  Each song is tight, headshaking pop with happy smile-driven melodies and sixties-style harmonies.  The title track is reminiscent of The Who finding their way and the Englishness of The Kinks at their most successful best. Wicked Cool record label chief, Stevie Van Zandt believes Pictures ”the band’s best album yet”

The Len Price 3 – Pictures Tracklist:

1.    Pictures
2.    Keep Your Eyes On Me
3.    I Don’t Believe You
4.    The Girl Who Became A Machine
5.    After You’re Gone
6.    Mr. Grey
7.    Nothing Like You
8.    If You Live Round Here
9.    You Tell Lies
10.    Man Who Used To Be
11.    Jack In The Greens
12.    Under The Thumb
13.    The Great Omani

The Len Price 3 are Glenn Ian Page, Steven Brian Huggins and Neil Scott FromowPictures is The Len Price 3’s third album and is available through Wicked Cool Records.

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