The Inspiral Carpets sign to Cherry Red Records

The Inspiral Carpets signed to Cherry Red Records
The Inspiral Carpets signed to Cherry Red Records

The Inspiral Carpets are pleased to announce that they have signed to Cherry Red Records, with a new album and a reissue both planned for 2014.


Ever since the return of original singer Stephen Holt in 2011, The Inspiral Carpets have been keeping busy with tours in the UK and abroad, as well as releasing two great new singles – ‘You’re So Good For Me’ in 2012 on their own Cow label and ‘Fix Your Smile’ in 2013 on Tim Burgess’s O Genesis imprint.

This year, the band will finally unveil their first studio album in twenty years, which will boast both singles plus ten new compositions.

“Since 2011, we’ve steadied the ship and we’re sailing on,” explains guitarist Graham Lambert. “It’s been a breath of fresh air creating new songs with Stephen – his input has given us a fresh impetus. There was no sane logic why we didn’t do it a decade ago. Getting home from rehearsals and playing back a new song in the middle of the night is such a thrill. A new album seemed impossible a couple of years ago: now it’s a reality!”

The band’s new album – which will be entitled simply Inspiral Carpets – is tentatively scheduled for September 2014. Most of the tracks have already been recorded at Airtight Studios in Chorlton, south Manchester, but the band will be finishing it off in the coming weeks.

As a precursor to this, Cherry Red will be reissuing the Inspirals’ legendary demo tape, Dung 4, for the first time on vinyl and CD. The vinyl version will be a limited edition available for Record Store Day on 19 April. It will contain all eleven original tracks, remastered from the original master tapes, with a bonus 7” EP of the band’s earlier four-track Cow demo from May 1987. All tracks will also appear on the CD edition.

Although the session was recorded in December 1987, what became known as Dung 4 wasn’t issued until May 1989, and only on cassette, the same month as the band’s third single ‘Joe’, in a bid to combat the bootleggers and as a thank you to their fans. The cassette included the original demo version of ‘Joe’, featuring Stephen Holt on vocals, which had previously graced the compilation LP Manchester, North of England.


Stephen remembers that seminal early period:

“After years of playing local gigs and recording several demo tapes, which gradually improved each time, we seemed to be on the rise in Manchester and our name also seemed to be spreading  around the country. We recorded Dung 4 when we had built a strong batch of tunes and had perfected our own sound, different to anything else in Manchester at the time. It felt like we were recording our debut album and something special.”

Clint Boon: “We recorded and mixed the Dung 4 session at my little studio in the Guide Mill on South Street, Ashton Under Lyne. It cost nothing to make. We all had jobs at the time. This is what we did after work. We were a garage band. I knew this recording session was a very important moment for the band. To me, Dung 4 is our debut album. Listening to the original master tapes for the first time in 27 years was the most goosebump-inducing moment I’ve had in my time with the Inspirals.”

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