The Goldberg Sisters self titled album and latest video/single Shush

The Goldberg Sisters
The Goldberg Sisters

Perhaps best known for saving Private Ryan in the Hollywood blockbuster movie, actor Adam Goldberg is the man behind The Goldberg Sisters whose self titled album will be released on April 11th.

The Goldberg Sisters is the latest moniker for Adam’s musical output, he has previously released material as LANdy but has changed the artist name to avoid copyright infringements with a famous Brandy manufacturer.

The Goldberg Sisters is an album which encompasses everything from psychedelic to the “psychotropic” and explores themes from the depressing to the negligibly, less depressing, and it is Goldberg’s lofty ambition that this new album will put a wiggle in your step and a shot of adrenaline in your arm.

There are of course no sisters in the band, Goldberg explains; “I wanted to be in a sister band because there are a lot of cool sister bands lately, so I was basically trying to jump on the bandwagon. And I have two half-sisters whose last names are Goldberg. They don’t appear on the record, but they are there in spirit.”

You get the impression that Goldberg is his own man and his music too is about as unique as it gets, he manages to build his music in unfamiliar territory and clearly has a taste for the perverse- choosing to shoot the video for the track Shush on an iPhone, in one take.

The Goldberg Sisters – Shush


If you like Shush, get the free download of The Goldberg Sisters track Don’t Grow, here.

The Goldberg Sisters self titled album, tracklisting:

01. The Room
02. Mother Please (The World Is Not Our Home
03. Shush
04. Don’t Grow
05. You’re Beautiful When You Die
06. Erik Erikson
07. Third Person Blues
08. The Difference Between
09. The Skin Of the Patriot (Blame It on Your Youth)
10. The Heart Grows Fonder

The Goldberg Sisters brand new single Shush is released on March 28th with the self titled album to follow on April 11th.



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