The Bristol EP is the debut release from Nouvelle Vague co-producer, Marc Collin


‘The Bristol EP’ is the debut release from Nouvelle Vague co-producer, Marc Collin’s new musical project ‘Bristol’, and was released this week on Kawaidan Records.

‘The Bristol EP’ includes four classic tracks from the trip hop era – ‘Roads’ by Portishead, ‘Overcome’ by Tricky, Moog Island by Morcheeba and ‘I Can Water My Plants’ by Monk & Canatella – are reworked in a 1960s movie soundtrack / lounge style, injecting some inherent French finesse along the way.

As with Nouvelle Vague, Marc Collin has chosen young French singers to cover these songs. Jim Bauer takes on ‘Roads’, Dawn sings on ‘Overcome’, Prudence Fontaine guests on Moog Island and Magmoiselle guests on  ‘Water My Plants’.

Marc Collin is a massive fan of the Bristol sound of the early nineties that was labelled trip hop, the genre that went on to influence two generations of music and continues to do so to this day. His vision was to re-imagine his favourite songs from this era as sixties movie soundtracks – and this is what he’s does with the Bristol project. An album will be released next spring and the Bristol EP is an introduction to that.

The Bristol project will be premiered at the Christmas Spiegeltent at the Colston Hall in Bristol on 17th December 2014. Performing the work live for first time, ‘Bristol’ could hardly have been premiered anywhere other than the city that inspired it.

The Bristol EP is now available via Kawaidan Records.

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