Get Back – The Story of the City that Rocked the World

Get Back - The Story of the City that Rocked the WorldFrom a small basement club to Shea Stadium. Within a matter of a few years one group exploded onto the world stage and changed the course of pop music; and Liverpool would be forever known as the city where The Beatles are from. But it didn’t start with The Beatles and certainly didn’t die with them.

Get Back – The Story of the City that Rocked the World tells the story of Liverpool’s music scene from the 1950’s to present day. It explains how the local music scene was influenced by the docks, the influx of people from around the world, and seamen bringing home records from the United States. Music was already happening in Liverpool in the 1950s with skiffle bands and jazz, along with rock ‘n’ roll artists such as Billy Fury. But by the early 1960’s, clubs like The Cavern and groups began popping up all over the city, and a ‘scene’ was born. Get Back features interviews and live performances from bands, club owners and managers from what was to become known as ‘The Merseybeat‘.

While The Beatles went on to become the biggest and most popular group in the world, others followed in the crush to sign Liverpool artists. Though, within a few years whether, as the documentary suggests, there was a backlash from the London-based music industry against signing bands from Liverpool, or bands failed to move with the times, other cities became the focus of attention, as pop music turned psychedelic and rock replaced pop.

In the late 1970s, following The Sex Pistols and the London-based punk rock scene, the Liverpool music scene was rejuvenated . Once again there were clubs and like-minded musicians coming together. The scene appeared to resonate from a club called Eric’s where the likes of Big In Japan, Echo & The Bunnymen, Teardop Explodes and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark began hanging out, before forming bands. All of whom very quickly went on to sign for major labels, except Big In Japan who, along with Jayne Casey, would later give the world of pop music Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Ian Broudie (Lightning Seeds) and Bill Drummond (KLF).

In the late 1980s Liverpool was overshadowed by neighbouring Manchester, with its club The Hacienda and the so-called ‘Madchester’ sound of the Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets and the Happy Mondays. But Liverpool still had a thriving music scene. Baeleric beats and house music found a home in Cream, while bands like The LA’s, The Farm and The Christians continued to add to Liverpool’s rich music history. But with all that had passed throughout the last 60 years, even current bands such as The Wombats, Zutons and The Coral get asked ‘what’s it like coming from the same city as The Beatles?’

Get Back – The Story of the City that Rocked the World is available as a DVD and digital download from Revolution Films & Bulldog Film Distribution.