Stone Jack Jones “Circumstance” from his upcoming album Love & Torture


Stone Jack Jones new album Love & Torture out on Western Vinyl
Stone Jack Jones new album Love & Torture


Stone Jack Jones has rejoined forces with producer Roger Moutenot, alongside members of Lambchop and Patty Griffin who guests on vocals throughout.  Love & Torture, a collection of experimental, inviting mantras and sonic dialogs that tells tales of all the bliss that has touched Jack’s incredible life.

On two separate occasions a rare and mysterious blood condition took courses through Jack’s steely West Virginian veins, almost killing him.  Doctors couldn’t fully explain or treat his malady, but Jack pulled through, even after receiving last rites.

During this time, he deeply pondered  the necessity of death, the torturous pain that comes with the death of someone you love, and eventually arrived at the simultaneously comforting and alarming conclusion that he was both alive and dead at the same time.  Invigorated, rather than deflated by his brushes with death, Jack is persistently driven to create songs that peel back the layers of facade that cloud our daily lives, to reveal the bigger, more honest and everlasting truth about reality. Rather than encouraging his listeners to escape reality, Jack urges us to embrace the child-like wonder that’s so often obscured by our monotonous routines, allowing us to reconnect with the infinite wonder that lies just under the surface of our everyday reality.

Last year’s critically acclaimed album Ancestor was a tribute to his father – a remembrance of mountain string bands, with many of the songs worked out as an acoustic three-piece sitting together in a bluegrass circle.  For his new album Love & Torture he took a different approach, working out the foundations for most of the songs in the studio with producer Roger Moutenot.

Rather than recording everything over of a few days or weeks in the studio, the two met up sporadically over the course of many months, giving the songs plenty of time to gestate and evolve in stride with Jack’s life.  When it felt right, they’d invite long-time collaborators including Ryan Norris, Scott Martin, and Kyle Hamlett into the studio to improvise and explore where each song would go next.  Having worked and created with the same guys for several years, their trust and intimacy let them extract moments of brilliance from the ether.

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