Stephen Dale Petit to donate single proceeds to London’s 100 Club

Stephen Dale Petit Live

Having announced that his upcoming gig at London’s legendary 100 Club on December 1st will be a fund raiser for the club itself, Stephen Dale Petit has now announced that proceeds from his next single Need Your Love So Bad will also benefit the Save 100 Club Campaign.

The single is taken from his new album ‘The Crave’ and is now officially titled ‘Need Your Love So Bad (Save The 100 Club)’. Released on December 6th it is expected to sell heavily to a fast-growing and proactive grassroots movement which includes nearly 20,000 Facebook supporters.

The release follows Petit’s December 1st 100 Club benefit gig which will feature former and current Rolling Stones guitarist’s Mick Taylor and Ronnie Wood.

It has now been announced the show will also feature a rare live appearance of British Blues Boom architect, jazz trombonist Chris Barber.

Now in his eighties, Barber was a pioneer of  blues music in the sixties along with blues trailblazers Alexis Korner and John Mayall and was directly responsible for encouraging young hopefuls like Eric Clapton, Peter Green and members of The Rolling Stones.

He helped ferment the British Blues explosion that in turn resulted in the British Blues Invasion exported back to the USA in the mid-late ‘60s.

Organiser Petit enthuses “It’s fantastic that Chris Barber’s coming down to play – he’s one of the Godfathers of modern British music and his connections to the 100 Club are deep and longstanding.”

The single Need Your Love So Bad  (Save The 100 Club) is released on December 6th

The Stephen Dale Petit Save The 100 Club gig will take place on December 1st

2 thoughts on “Stephen Dale Petit to donate single proceeds to London’s 100 Club”

  1. Wow, SDP is really going for it to save the club! Organizing a gig there with special guests and donating all this singles takings to the club! Good man, wish there were more like him that were this committed!

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