Robert Rotifer – The Frankfurt Kitchen + London & Europe Dates

Rotifer are pleased to announce a succession of European live dates in March following the release of their 1960s / 1970s tinged album The Hosting Couple, which was released on Edwyn Collins, Grace Maxell and James Endeacott’s label AED Records.

The two UK dates are in London on 1 March at The Hideaway and on 30 March at Power Lunches.

March 1 The Hideaway, Tufnell Park, London
March 2 Flex, Vienna
March 3 Forum Stadtpark, Graz
March 4 Baeckerei, Innsbruck
March 30, Power Lunches (with Tigercats)

Fronted by creative multi-tasker Robert Rotifer, a songwriter, guitarist, writer and artist of Viennese extraction who has been based in the UK since the late 1990’s, Rotifer explores various styles of music from 1960’s psychedelia to garage punk to create a rich and varied listening experience. Having gone through various line-ups, a permanent three-piece was formed with the additions of Darren Hayman (ex-Hefner) on bass and producer/multi-instrumentalist Ian Button on drums.

Rotifer’s knack for teaming up with significant collaborators extended to the recording of The Hosting Couple, which was produced by Stiff Records legend Wreckless Eric.

This feeds in to the themes of The Hosting Couple, which in turn refers to Eric and his wife Amy (at their studio in France), Edwyn and Grace (on their record label) as well as the couple who hosted Robert as a youngster on an exchange to England from Austria.

Robert Rotifer was part of the Vostok 5 collective along with Darren Hayman, Paul Rains (Allo Darlin’), Duncan Fletcher (Tigercats) and Sarah Lipsett (Fever Dream), who were all musicians exhibiting together with artwork featuring animals and people in space. Robert also designs and illustrates all of his sleeve designs and videos, one of which ended up being exhibited in New York’s MoMA last year.

Robert had penned a tribute song The Frankfurt Kitchen (which came out on an earlier album, and was rerecorded last year as a b-side for the Canvey Island 7″ single), which focused around  Grete Schütte-Lihotzky, who was the first woman architect in Austria and inventor of one of the first prototypes for the fitted kitchen that is generally used in the West today.

Both Grete and Robert’s grandmother had faught in the resistance together against the Nazis during the Second World War and subsequently become members of the underground Austrian Communist Party. Grete lived to be over 100 before she died.  Robert had created a video for the song using simple animation of his own drawings and artwork as a backdrop to him singing solo with a guitar. The video was used by MoMa in New York to compliment their exhibition of Schütte-Lihotzky’s work.


Already an established musician in his native Austria (where he has topped the indie charts with his five solo albums), he is also the co-founder of Vienna’s annual popfest which showcases local talent.

The Hosting Couple by Rotifer is out now on AED Records.


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