Reverieme – Or Else The Light, EP Review

Reverieme - Or Else The Light, EP
Reverieme - Or Else The Light, EP

Young singer-songwriter Reverieme’s EP ‘Or Else The Light’ is a beautifully delicate selection of songs you will be immediately swept away by. If not by her voice, then it will be from the intricate musicianship or, failing that, Reverieme’s distinctive songwriting skills.


Tracks such as ‘Venus’, ‘Plankton’ and ‘Outside’ give an instant feel of where Reverieme (aka Louise Connell) is going to take the EP; filling the tracks with beautiful imagery, soft acoustic melodies and warm, captivating vocals.

Other tracks on the EP take a much darker form in terms of songwriting whilst still managing to create a sense of effortlessness and warmth. Tracks such as ‘Outside’ and ‘Nocturnal Babe’ deal with extremely emotive and difficult subjects in a beautifully intricate manner that will set your mind wandering for miles.

Other stand out songs include ‘Golem’, which is one of Reverieme’s more upbeat tracks on the EP. You really get to hear Louise’s Scottish roots come through in her voice on this track as well as getting a chance to see more of a sense of fondness in her songwriting.

All in all, ‘Or Else The Light’ is an absolute delight to listen to but, it’s also an EP that needs to be listened to all the way through respectively. The sheer amount of emotion and delicacy that has gone into this record should be appreciated from start to finish. So, sit down, relax and enjoy.

Reverieme – Or Else The Light track listing:
2. Plankton
3. Outside
4. Golem
5. Nocturnal Babe
6. Datun
7. His

Or Else The Light’ by Reverieme (aka Louise Connell) is out now via 9th Story Records.

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