Rastko debut album ‘Love, Hate and Twists of Fate’

Rastko debut album 'Love, Hate and Twists of Fate'
Rastko debut album ‘Love, Hate and Twists of Fate’

Garage punk folk Medway legends, The Singing Loins decided to call it a day in 2013, and the band of merry men went their separate ways. While Chris ‘Arfur’ Allen played some solo shows, Rob Shepherd shared his time strumming and picking for two Medway bands – Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society, and The Longtails.

But it was only a matter of time before Chris and Rob began writing songs together again; and after some live shows, the duo decided bass and drums and a full band were required.

Rastko, named after a Serbian friend and photographer,  are Chris ‘Arfur’ Allen (vocals, guitars), John Forrester (bass, backing vocals), Steve Moore (drums, percussion) and Rob Shepherd (vocals, banjo, mandolin, guitar).

Whereas The Singing Loins were punks playing folk music, Rastko are less abrasive, less angst-ridden, more gentle folk than garage punk.  Sincere beautifully crafted songs, rich with perfect heartfelt harmonies that are looking up to the stars while telling stories of everyday life.  Great musicianship isn’t always required to create a chemistry and an impressive debut album.  But great musicianship is here aplenty.

The debut album from Rastko is full with wonderful folk songs about love, hate and err…. twists of fate!

Rastko  – Love, Hate and Twists of Fate track listing:

  1. Scars & Souvenirs
  2. Tiger
  3. Mad Dog
  4. Arches
  5. Don’t Be Going Gently
  6. Birdsongs
  7. Buzzing
  8. Salute
  9. So Can I
  10. The Road to Fort Luton
  11. Morning Song
  12. Worms
  13. Wind Don’t Blow

RastkoLove, Hate and Twists of Fate was recorded at Ranscombe Studios in Rochester, Medway and is released on the Vacilando ’68 label.

Rastko play an Album Launch Live gig on Friday 7th October @ The Crown, Rochester High Street.  Support comes from The Dredgermen and Wheels.

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