Radiohead play Ceremony by New Order

Thom Yorke - RadioheadWhen I was in a band we would often learn and play favourite songs in rehearsal, mainly for fun and in most cases, never to play live in front of an audience. I have often wondered what songs famous groups would learn in a similar vane.

Radiohead have been one of favourite groups since the early 1990’s, and New order since the conception in 1980. It was therefore with some excitement that I stumbled across a little gem of a video on You Tube yesterday, Radiohead in a rehearsal room playing New Order’s debut single, Ceremony.

Ceremony was written by Joy Division, along with In A Lonely Place (b-side of the New Order debut single) and rough rehearsals can be heard on the Joy Division Heart and Soul box set, but was made famouse when the Joy Division became New Order.

You Tube is full of gems like this one, so I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows of other famous bands who have been caught on film playing songs that don’t appear in their live set.

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