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Psychedelic rockers Dead Confederate excellent new album Sugar

John Williams - Tuesday 24.08.10, 16:10pm

dead confederate - sugar

To celebrate the release of their latest album Sugar, the psychedelic rockers Dead Confederate are offering a free download of the lead single Giving It All Away on their official website for a limited time. Sugar is released in the UK on September 6th.

Giving It All Away is probably the most instant and commercial of the tracks on Sugar and the obvious single from the album. It also features the guitar playing of Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis, which is no bad thing.

Dead Confederate have learned a thing or two by supporting the likes of Dinosaur Jr and Meat Puppets on tour and their appreciation of the pioneering 80’s/90’s masters can be heard throughout this latest offering.

While retaining the psychedelic nature of their previous efforts, Sugar finds Dead Confederate tidying up their production with tighter songs, without abandoning the driving guitar work and unbridled emotion that has so far set them apart from others.

Controlled fuzzy guitars and trippy distorted vocals feature throughout this album, the intentionally warped vocals adding to the warm feeling, but the production by John Agnello also weighs in with a dark alt-grunge flavour adding overall depth and bringing to mind Smashing Pumpkins at their best.

The tone is set from the excellent first track In The Dark and the album simply draws the listener in from there on, growing in presence as it goes . Sugar is an almost perfect collection of experimental alternative and psychedelic rock music and if you enjoy Giving It All away, check out the album at Dead Confederate My Space.

Dead Confederate – Giving It All Away

For more information or to download the track Giving It All Away, visit the Dead Confederate website. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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