Prodigy remix South Central’s The Day I Die – Offered as free download

the day i die sleeve

Following the recent release of the video and single The Day I Die from South Central, the band have announced that they are giving away a free download of the track in its remixed format produced by Prodigy.

It’s a bit of a rarity these days to see a Prodigy remix, their own recent one was for Jay-Z, so expect something special on this South Central track.

The original release of the single The Day I Die by South Central features no less than five re-mix versions including the Prodigy mix, alongside the original version of the track. It has already been described as a Festival Anthem for this summer and marks the closest the band have come yet to providing a crossover single for the masses.

You can download the, The Day I Die Prodigy remix here.

The single complete with remixes will be officially released on March 14th on Egregore Records, the full track list is here:

1.          Day I Die
2.          Day I Die (The Prodigy rework)
3.          Day I Die (Qemists remix)
4.          Day I Die (The Toxic Avenger remix)
5.          Day I Die (Rhythm Masters remix)
6.          Day I Die (Baxen remix)



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