Oasis Cash Buys U2 Studio Time

Theres a great interview with Noel Gallagher in Mojo, in which the Oasis frontman claims to have paid off the Abbey Road studio so that his band could record there.

Gallagher claims that the studio had been pre-booked by Irish rockers U2 for December, the exact time that Oasis wanted to record their new album.

Gallagher claims that “U2 were booked in there with [producer] Rick Rubin, I was like, ‘U2? U2 have to have a f***ing six-hour meeting whether to get tea or coffee in the rehearsal room!”

“The guy from Abbey Road was like, ‘I’ve got it block-booked for the exact time you want it.'”

Gallagher claims that the band went to the Abbey Road studio with ‘a bag of money’ and said ‘We can pay for the studio now.’

The album was duly recorded before being mixed in America. Dig Out Your Soul will be released on October 6th.

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  1. well if this is true its great news and quite right that a band like oasis that owe so much to the beatles would by the studio that most of the recordings were made !

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