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Necro Deathmort - Music of Bleak Origin on Distraction Records
Necro Deathmort - Music of Bleak Origin

Necro Deathmort return with a second album Newcastle’s finest label, Distraction Records.

Music of Bleak Origin is released on July 4th 2011.  The CD release comes in a heavy duty plastic sleeve containing a double-sided 18-panel poster on woodfree stock by Dominic Hailstone, the man responsible for Mogwai’s Batcat & Isis’ Holy Tears promo videos and the unsettling creature effects in Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy video.

Two years on from their debut album, This Beat Is Necrotronic, Necro Deathmort are still fusing industrial noise and death metal strands of gothic proportions with drone rock and electronica acid squelches.

The result is dark, gloomy, foreboding and definitely not for anyone looking for a sing-a-long chorus to accompany a pleasant journey from a to b.

The album opens with Jaffanaut, all crunchy fuzz, cathedral buzz and a slice of dubstep squelch thrown in for good measure.  The album then kicks into gear with In Binary with its walls of wails and stadium drone and vocals, low down and echoing in the mix as if fighting to be heard at all..  Temple Of Juno and Űberlord continue the pace with strong, solid beats and subwoofer-baiting hooks, before the machine-gun pulse and loud crackle-and-hum of For Your Own Good pushes on and pulls you in.

With Devastating Vector the album moves onwards and upwards with a livelier dance drumbeat. The bass still throbbing, guitar still churning and industrial noises still present, it comes to life with robotic and acid bleeps.  These extra layers open up a lighter, more accessible channel for the music. Three-and-a-half minutes pass before the music drops completely and Devastating Vector takes on an amazing dubstep industrial drone.  I love this track.

The acid theme continues as Devastating Vector seamlessly drifts into the Joey Beltram-esque Blizzard. This is the most accessible and ‘dance’ oriented track on the album as the death metal element is nowhere to be seen, replaced instead by heavy use of a phaser and more acid bleeps. Enjoying Blizzard as much as Devastating Vector and possibly falling into a false sense of security I’m thinking the final two tracks are going to keep the industrial monster at bay.

Track 8 – The Heat Death Of Everything is a very apt title as acid whimpers are finally put to sleep and the slow death metal monster awakes with a migraine! Listening to this drone paints a clear picture of everything falling into eternal death.  Slow pending drumbeat, throbbing bass chords, gutter screams and nihilistic doom.  Purgatory from Dante’s Inferno is put to music!

Moon is the final track on the album.  A slow, warm burning track that completes a soundtrack that started at the beginning, before something was awoken and disturbed from slumber.  Like a classic film narrative, Moon, with its slowly creeping drone-infused overtones returns the story to equilibrium, bring the album to a close and silence.

Music of Bleak Origin is not going to appeal to the masses.  The album is powerful, a nightmare of the darkest and geandest scale and plays like a filmscore or a death metal opera.

Necro Deathmort – Music of Bleak Origin tracklisting:
1.    Jaffanaut
2.    In Binary
3.    Temple Of Juno
4.    Űberlord
5.    For Your Own Good
6.    Devastating Vector
7.    Blizzard
8.    The Heat Death Of Everything
9.    Moon

Necro Deathmort is Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson.

Music of Bleak Origin by Necro Deathmort is released as a limited CD album (1000 only) and digital download on Distraction Records.


For more information visit Necro Deathmort’s Facebook page.

page or Distraction Records website.



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