Nancy Elizabeth – Feet Of Courage – single review

Nancy Elizabeth – Feet Of Courage – single review

Nancy Elizabeth: Feet of Courage (Leaf Label)
Nancy Elizabeth: Feet of Courage (Leaf Label)

Nancy Elizabeth has made a wonderful single. Feet Of Courage has the sparse and unconventional accompaniment of a Björk classic, the simplicity of Radiohead’s Idioteque or Wolf At The Door, the melodic structures of The Unthanks and the bleakness of an Emily Brontë moor.

It must take a lot of confidence, too, to produce something like this, as her voice is not as distinctive as, say, Björk or Karin Dreijer, but something approaching the roundness and softness of the new soul generation (Joss Stone, Adele) and it seems hard to marry the two clashing styles together. Yet the simplicity of Feet Of Courage, with Nancy Elizabeth’s vocals forming the substance of the unerring backing, carries even her very normal voice.

What is even more pleasing is that the remixes on the B-side of the album are brilliant too, particularly Paddy Steer’s Asian-influenced reworking of Feet Of Courage‘s backing.

Nancy Elizabeth is going on the influential BBC Introducing show in Manchester this Sunday October 4 for an interview and session. She will also be on tour with the brilliant Efterklang at the end of October/beginning of November.
Her album, Wrought Iron, will be out on 5th October, on the ever ear-enriching Leaf Label.

Fri 30 Oct: Oran Moor, Glasgow (with Efterklang)
Sun 1 Nov: Brainwash Festival, Stylus, Leeds (with Efterklang)
Mon 2 Nov: The Concert Hall, Reading (with Efterklang)

Here’s a link to Nancy Elizabeth’s MySpace. And here’s one to her website.

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