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A late round up of my top ten albums of 2010, in no particular order.

1. Gorillaz – Plastic Beach

Can Damon Albarn do no wrong? It seems artists from all musical genres are falling over themselves to feature on this latest Gorillaz album and nothing fails to impress.

2. The Xcerts – Scatterbrain

The Xcerts follow up to In The Wind We Smile finds the band pushing the boundaries further than the confines of the indie pop of the previous album, creating an in your face grunge influenced album of note.

3. A J Unity- Sweet Roses

London based collaborators Naomi Suzuki and Phillip M.Moll produced a stunning debut album with Sweet Roses, a mesmeric collection of tracks that float through you with influences from pop to trance and much more.

4. Corinne Bailey Rae – The Sea

Her second album sees Corinne Bailey Rae far removed from the sweet pop music of her debut, infusing jazz and other influences into this excellent collection, but still managing to sound both sweet and sexy at the same time!

5. Shea Segar – Shea Seger

Ten years after quitting the music business, Shea Seger returned with one of the most emotional albums ever made. A collection of very personal tracks that document all the emotions that the singer has been through during the last decade, a reminder of what we have been missing.

6. Sharon Van Etten – Epic

An epic production compared to her sparse yet beguilling previous albums as a part of the New York underground scene, Epic is a superb collection of songs that take the singer into a new dimension.

7. Shield Your Eyes – Theme From Kindness

A proper mental juggernaut of an album from Shield Your Eyes that surprisingly reeled me in on first listen and has never been far away from the playlist on my iPod since.  Not for the faint hearted!

8. Lower Dens – Twin Hand Movement

The debut full length from Baltimore’s new wave post punk drone pop lo fi outfit and it is a stunner. Swarming guitar fuzz, bass waves and insistent drum throbs accompany the charred intimate ghost-heavy vocals on this excellent and so far under rated album.

9. Dead Confederate – Sugar

A dark alt-grunge production that retains the psychedelic feel of their previous recordings with driving fuzzy guitars,  trippy vocals and unbridled emotion remaining intact albeit with a tidier approach to their songs.

10. Mark Sultan – $

An excellent offering from self styled garage rocker come doo wop stylist Mark Sultan that fuses every genre known to man into an excellent amalgam of unique tracks that manage to sound instantly familiar yet totally unknown.



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