Music Themed Online Games

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on it is that music is one of the greatest things mankind has ever come up with. Nothing on the planet has the same ability to get so many people together, having fun all at the same time as a good song. People will happily fight for their favourite types of music and the styles that have gone along with it have shaped whole generations such as in the 1960’s and 1970’s. These days though it is much easier to get a hold of any kind of music you would like to listen to because of the internet. With sites such as YouTube and Grooveshark you can just search for anything you want with great success.

The internet is incredible for finding music that you might have never heard before but these sites are not the only place where you might find music. There are also game sites all over the internet that have games devoted to music. These can be anything from a rhythm game to a quiz about different music artists. One place that has recently taken to making games about music is in the online casino genre.

There are many different great games that you can now play online about music, but one of the best would have to be Vinyl Countdown. This five reel slots game is really easy to play as well as having great ties to music. You can tell from the name that vinyl is a big part of it but there are many other music symbols used throughout. If you are looking for something a little different then look no further than Hiphopopotamus. This is a slots game found at places like Gaming Club based around a Hippopotamus which is into hip hop. This casino game is fun to both play and look at.

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