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Mother Mother release single The Stand/Simply Simple from upcoming third album, ‘Eureka’

John Williams - Sunday 20.03.11, 16:43pm

Mother Mother - Eureka

Mother Mother - Eureka

Canadian band Mother Mother are set to release their third studio album Eureka on May 9th, with the single The Stand/Simply Simple being available from April 4th.

Eureka promises to be the band’s most tenacious and undaunted record to date, offering up eccentric, hook laden pop-meets-rock songs housed in creative arrangements with clever lyrics and intricate harmonies.

Produced by Mother Mother’s own Ryan Guldemond and mixed by Mike Fraser, the 12 new tracks that comprise the album surpass their predecessors with a greater sense of cohesion, exuberance and overall sonic depth.  Guldemond, the group’s chief songwriter and front man describes the album as “a vivid depiction of where the band’s at right now, which is the height of our musicianship, song writing and strength as collaborators”.

In the signature Mother Mother animal themed vein, Eureka’s cover art portrays a techni-coloured Lion, baring its teeth.  Female vocalist / synth player, Molly Guldemond (she and Ryan are siblings), is the resident artist in charge.  “Our new songs are bolder and more animated, so I chose to use vibrant neons and brighter colours than ever before,” the multi-talented artist/musician reports.  “The word ‘eureka’ suggests epiphany and exciting discovery. The lion represents the animal instinct in us to pursue these breakthroughs; a predatory sense to hunt for deeper truth”.

Although principally an upbeat collection of songs, the dark lyrical tone, a signature element of the MM package, is alive and well in the album’s wordplay.  The Stand, Eureka’s incredibly addictive lead off single is an urban hip hop tinged tale of a “misanthrope who corrupts the minds of two young school girls” as described by Ryan, who wrote most of the song in his head as a “silly rap style thing to bide time in transit.”

Mother Mother – The Stand

Mother Mother - The Stand from Last Gang Records on Vimeo.

The album’s first track,Chasing It Down, laments the demise of the newness in things, while wearing the skin of an epic, Deep Purple-esque rocker, complete with a formidable organ hook.  The quintessential slow song, Born In A Flash, might just be the band at its most haunting and morose ever as this piano driven heavyweight marches through a versatile landscape of lush strings, choral beegees, and a killer back beat and bass line.  Simply Simpleis just that, a perfect advocacy of the ‘less is more’ doctrine, while the dreamy Getaway, with Molly singing lead in her unique, gentle timbre, is the plight of an escapist. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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