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Moose Blood ‘Moving Home’ EP, review

Edwin Huxley - Tuesday 08.01.13, 06:10am

Hailing from Canterbury in Kent, Moose Blood are a four-piece of twenty-something year olds who are just on the cusp of releasing their first EP, entitled ‘Moving Home’.

The 6 track EP recalls the soft infusions of guitar melody that made American Football’s self titled album the seminal masterpiece that it is. Comparisons to American Football don’t just stop at the relationship between both bands’ guitar work, but Moose Blood themselves give a lyrical nod to the band in their song Carbis Bay.

The lead singer melancholically slurs that “We’ll listen to American Football, sing along to Never Meant” – a great way of connecting their fan base to the established fan base of American Football. Moose Blood’s intertextuality doesn’t stop there, either. The whole EP in a sense reads like a hipsters journal of what relics of popular culture to cherish, mentioning Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and The Sea‘ as well as throwing in sly references to indie bands such as Death Cab for Cutie and Dashboard Confessional.

This is not to say that all Moose Blood have to offer is a series of reference points and reminders of other, more established indie outfits. Their songs superbly recall a time of post-adolescent anxiety, lazy days listening to records and daydreaming about girls. As they say themselves on their band camp, they’re just “Four friends drinking coffee and writing songs…“. Such a minimalist and humble description in a way serves to accurately reflect the entire tone of the EP, the music is stripped back and the vocals are largely soft with some semi-self-deprecating lyrics thrown into the mix as well.

The best track of the EP is far and away Bukowski, with references to Morrissey, Jimmy Eat World and High Fidelity in the lyrics you get a strong impression of the bands’ influences as well as the tone they are aiming for, a tone they undoubtedly achieve. The song is both triumphant and hopelessly romantic, ending on the ambiguous note of “maybe one day…”; a lyric which seems to sum up the bands’ focus on unrequited crushes and speculative romances.

Recorded in UK recording studios, Moose Blood’s debut EP is set for release on the 11th of February. However, the whole EP can be streamed from their bandcamp site and purchased digitally right now for download. It’s fantastic to see such a specific niche of music, usually restricted to the United States, being produced in the UK and if Moose Blood can keep up the superb quality they’ve produced in ‘Moving Home’ then they’ve got a very promising future ahead of them. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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