Moira Stewart Debut Album Finally gets a Remix Release

Sweetness, Yes Please! by Moira Stewart is released on Distraction Records
Sweetness, Yes Please! by Moira Stewart is released on Distraction Records.

Following the release of the original studio album in April 2008, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s finest Distraction Records release a remix album of Sweetness, Yes! by the oddly named trio, Moira Stewart.

The original Sweetness, Yes! album proved Moira Stewart’s affection for 1980’s synth pop with a nod to the sound of C86, New Order and contemporary artists like The Postal Service.  As with previous remix album releases on the label, each Distraction Records artist have remixed a track from the originally album in a style of their own, and the result is an excellent compilation of remixes from the likes of Tempelhof, d_rradio, Cathode and Dressed In Wires, among others.

Considering each artist brings their own style to Sweetness, Yes Please! the album has a remarkable and surprising continuity throughout.  The swirling synth pop electronic remixes from Keith Canisus and Tranisent, the drum machine-driven synth pop of Wroooaaar!, glitch ambience of remixes by Tempelhof, OK Ikumi, Phasmid, Orange Crush and Dot Tape Dot, the spaced-out housed of Mood4, Cathode and Spintronic, electronic dub of Dave Curle, IDM of The Matinee Orchestra and Dressed In Wires, and the feedback-dripping pop of d_rradio, Sweetness, Yes Please! is an exceptional album and will be a late entry on many ‘best albums of 2010’ lists, come the end of the year.

Favourite tracks include the glitch and dub ingredients of Phasmid’s remix of the wonderfully titled, We Still With Our Parents, the dreamy My Bloody Valentine-esque glitch of Tempelhof’s Love Drops, the squelchy space of Mood4’s In The Kitchen and the Jesus & Marychain inspired feedback and distortion-soaked candy pop remix of Give A Little Love by d_rradio.

As with the original studio album, Moira Stewart’s Sweetness, Yes Please! remix album will put a smile on your face and have you nodding your head and tapping your feet.  A perfect way to keep warm inside this winter.

Sweetness, Yes Please! by Moira Stewart tracklisting:

1)    You Are The Kids (Keith Canisius Remix)
2)    Top Ten Drinks (Wroooaar! Remix)
3)    Love Drops (Tempelhof Remix)
4)    Sprinkle Glitter On My Heart (Ok Ikumi Remix)
5)    We Still Live With Our Parents (Phasmid Remix)
6)    In The Kitchen (Mood4 Remix)
7)    Give A Little Love (Orange Crush Remix)
8)    The Mr. Men Groove (Dot Tape Dot Remix)
9)    Intermission
10)    Sprinkle Glitter On Heart (Cathode Remix)
11)    You Are The Kids (Transient Remix)
12)    Stars Are Shiny (Spintronic Remix)
13)    In The Kitchen (The Matinee Orchestra Remix)
14)    We Still Live With Our Parents (Dave Curle’s Dub Remix)
15)    The Mr. Men Groove (Dressed In Wires Remix)
16)    Give A Little Love (d_rradio Chain Remix)

Sweetness, Yes Please! by Moira Stewart is released on Distraction Records.

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