Mark Sultan unleashes his incredible album $

mark sultan $
mark sultan $

Wow! What can I say, this album has practically knocked me off my feet listening to it over the last week or so and yet on paper while it may sound intriguing, there is no way that it is likely to transform into the incredible album that it is.

Canadian born Mark Sultan has been at the forefront of the Montreal ‘garage rock’ scene since fronting the infamous punk rockers The Spaceshits as a teenager.

From there, he has fronted projects like ‘Les Sexareenos’, ‘BBQ’, ‘Mind Controls’, ‘The King Khan & BBQ Show’ and ‘The Almighty Defenders’ and has toured the world many times over in his various guises.

Recording as ‘Mark Sultan‘ started in 2007 with his album ‘The Sultanic Verses’, which garnered acclaim, despite there being no publicity for it.

He was the originator of the garage rock’s  flirtation with ‘doo-wop’, and possessor of a voice comparable to soul greats like Sam Cooke.

On the new album simply called $, Sultan fuses a strange brew of musical genres that have influenced his own music over the years, garage rock, free jazz, noise, country, psychedelic, doo-wop, r&b, punk rock and soul to name a few and mixed them into one of the most unique and original recordings that you are likely to hear all year.

Incredibly the whole album flows beautifully and in incredible style with no single track sounding out of place on the entire collection of songs.

While there is a definite nod towards the wonderful world of obscure classics from the 50s onwards  it is neither nostalgic or retro, rather that Sultan condenses these sounds into a very different modern day style of his own. Whether intentional or not various tracks bring to mind the work of Roy Wood, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Gary US Bonds.

It is a sensational album that deserves to be heard and appreciated, a unique collection of songs that feel immediately as though you already know them, growing in stature with each play.

Mark Sultan releases the new album $ on November 8th on Last Gang Records.

In Keeping with the album Mark Sultan has just put out a video for the track Status that is likely to blow a hole in your head!

This instant slice of doo wop infused garage rock has been put to a collection of wild psychedelic imagery and clips from classic sci fi and cartoons. The video’s cut and paste style is the perfect match for Sultan’s lo-fi approach to music, making for both an audio and visual delight.

Be prepared as Status is one of the wilder noisier moments from the album!


For further information visit the Mark Sultan MySpace

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