Led Zeppelin versus the ticket touts

Tonight Led Zeppelin will be playing their first concert in almost 20 years, and fans who have been fortunate enough to buy tickets for the London’s O2 Arena performance have been warned they may be turned away at the door because of security measures in place to beat the ticket touts.

Touts have been selling tickets on auction websites such as eBay. The Telegraph reports sellers on eBay have been asking up to £1,550 for a pair of tickets, with one asking £4,000 for two and promising to grant access to the VIP guest area.

The BBC reported yesterday evening that tickets and wristbands were being collected 24 hours before the concert to avoid tickets being passed on, and the promoters have said that only fans with photographic ID and the credit card that paid for the tickets will be allowed in.

Over one million people applied for tickets there are bound to be problems tonight as some fans turn up hoping to buy a ticket outside the venue.

Considering it is almost impossible to get tickets for most music gigs these days, it will be interesting to see if the measures the promoters have taken are successful in tackling the lucrative, growing problem of ticket touting.

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