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Lazer Crystal – Love Rhombus video and mp3 + new album MCMLXXX

John Williams - Thursday 20.05.10, 13:58pm

Thrill Jockey artists Lazer Crystal have released Love Rhombus as the delightful first single from the new album MCMLXXX which is also released this week.

Love Rhombus is accompanied by the rather surreal video, reminiscent of days gone by when tape chewing VHS machines were de rigueur and a grainy visual was far superior to seeing nothing at all!

Lazer Crystal are a three piece band from Chicago, who specialise in their own form of electronic dance punkery, along with a penchant for unique and collectible limited edition releases.

Thier work so far includes two limited selections on the collectors imprint HBSP-2X. The first “Hot Pink BMX” single was printed in an edition of 300 copies and spray painted by hand, some with custom textile covers.  The following “EP1″ release was even more unique.  Lazer Crystal asked several artists to contribute artwork for another 300 copy limited release.

The results were that approximately 50 people contributed designs and every single record ended up with a unique jacket.  These were displayed “gallery style” for a special release on Record Store Day.

Don’t be put off by the arty fartiness of the band though, Nicholas Read (electronics & vocals), Josh Johannpeter (percussion), & Mikale De Graff (vocals & electronics) produce unique and compelling music as will be discovered on their first full length album MCMLXXX.

Vinyl Album Cover

Sometimes it sounds like Joy Division, sometimes like Crystal Castles, sometimes like a broken Nintendo game, and one song even sounded like the soundtrack to The Lost Boys, but essentially this is the sound of Lazer Crystal.

The album is available in CD format and also as a collectors vinyl album, limited to 1,000 copies only. Listen before you buy at Thrill Jockey – you will not be disappointed.

Lazer Crystal – Love Rhombus

Lazer Crystal - Love Rhombus from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Love Rhombus is free to download as an MP3. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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