Kelley Stoltz to release new album, “Double Exposure”

Kelley Stoltz - Double Exposure

Three years since the release of his last album, the highly regarded To Dreamers, Kelley Stoltz is back with perhaps his best collection of songs so far on the soon to be released Double Exposure.

Not that it has taken Stoltz three years to write the album, he has during that time turned his garage into a recording studio where there is a collection of vintage synths, 17 guitars, tape echos, mellotrons, a 50’s jukebox, a Teardrop Explodes poster, a tape machine used by The Residents, an amp used by Stooge James Williamson, and a myriad other noise making devices which rear their heads on his new record. Not your semi suburban UK garage then!

Electric Duck studios as the garage is now known, has also recorded material for Kelley Stoltz’s friends Sonny & the Sunsets, The Mantles, Tim Cohen, Life Stinks, The Sandwitches and many others.

Stoltz has released a couple of singles and made an album of covers with his family as well as playing keyboards on tour with Rodriguez and signing up with Third Man Records. It is with them that Double Exposure will be released on October 7th.

As previously Stoltz confirms his undoubted ability to write a good tune, great chord changes and hooky choruses abound on this album. It is exactly what you would expect from Kelley Stoltz,  an eclectic collection of ten tracks that encompass ballad to rock and a lot inbetween.

Again the influence of bands like The Beatles, Byrds and Beach Boys is evident from the opening track ,Storms,  and throughout.

Stand out for me and i would suggest his best track ever is the strangely titled Kim Chee Taco Man, a song that I just imagine as soundtrack for some buddie road movie as they drive from county to county every time I hear it!

Kelley Stoltz – Kim Chee Taco Man


Kelley Stoltz live dates for the UK in 2014 are to be confirmed soon!

Double Exposure by Kelley Stoltz is released on Third Man Records on October 7th.

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