Hey Negrita release new acoustic album Burn The Whole Place Down

hey Negrita
hey Negrita

The new album from hey Negrita is an all acoustic melody rich effort that is perhaps the bands most diverse piece yet. Burn The Whole Place Down was inspired by the success of a series of sessions recorded for the BBC, including the ever popular Bob Harris Show on Radio Two.

The band took time out from their 2008 tour and headed to the Miloko Studio in South London for a spur of the moment session and five hours later had recorded the makings of the album Burn The Whole Place Down.

Felix Bechtolsheimer explains:

“The idea was to cut as many tracks as we could in five hours without any overdubs or edits. So we put down our electric guitars, turned off the amps and stripped back the drums. We just sat, in a circle, and put some microphones up. We didn’t even bother with headphones. We wanted to capture the raw energy of one of our live performances, while preserving the intimacy of how we sound when we’re jamming in the kitchen.”

Burn The House Down is hey Negrita’s fourth album and the content may in some ways come as a surprise to anyone who has witnessed the bands raucous ‘live’ performances in recent years.

This album of acoustic tracks sees hey Negrita shifting down several gears. In many ways the gentler, unplugged approach allows their deft way with melody and lyrics to shine through like never before.

This video clip was shot during the making of the new album and features the title track Burn The Whole Place Down being recorded during the five hour session in South London in 2008.


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