Giving it all away – The LAB Records giveaway day!

LAB Records have announced a once in a lifetime treat for fans of quality contemporary music, by offering their entire current roster for free!

Incredible as it may sound all you will need to pay is the postage while stocks remain available of the following albums:

Just Surrender – Phoenix
The Morning Of – The Way I Fell In
Portia Conn – I Don’t Care
Lost On Campus – Tell Them I Had A Wonderful Life
Not Advised – After The Fight
Lost On Landing – Sweet Talk
MiMi Soya – I Can’t Stand Pop Bands

As one of the most successful independent labels of its kind out there right now, with 15,000 sales this year alone, LAB has built up a solid following of admirers in its short history, and this is their way of giving something back to their fans.

LAB Records CEO Mark Orr said;
“This is a huge time for the label as we come towards the end of our most successful year to date and prepare for a more mainstream sound in 2011. Every label gives away digital samplers but we thought – for one day only – it would be a unique and memorable stand to make all of our CD’s absolutely free. It’s our little way of saying ‘thank-you’ to everyone who has supported LAB over the past 3 years.”

The event takes place on September 3rd, for one day only. Head over to Lab Records for further information on this very special and unique offer.

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