Folk Americana album, Winter Stay Autumn by Sorren Maclean

Winter Stay Autumn by Sorren Maclean is released via Middle Of Nowhere Recordings
Winter Stay Autumn by Sorren Maclean

While it may be a little strange to release an album called ‘Winter Stay Autumn’ in the middle of the summer, Sorren Maclean manages to pull it off. Equipped with an effortless blend of indie Folk Americana, this clear voiced Celt has produced an album that could soundtrack any season.


There’s a bit of a backstory to the release, as it was originally written for 7 musicians to perform live at the Celtic Connections Festival (which we’d have paid good money to hear!), and Sorren Maclean has stripped back the arrangements and created an accessible and genuinely heartfelt collection of tracks.

Album opener, ‘Science Or Fiction’ pretty much sets the tone for the next nine tracks, with Sorren Maclean’s earthy guitar and voice, replete with a Fleetwood Mac-esque chorus of backing singers and musicians painting pictures of deserted, moonlit highways. ‘Rows & Rows of Boxes’ continues much in the same vein, but with a melancholy edge that really hits home.

Old Pier’ allows the music to take a backseat while Sorren’s emotive voice takes centre stage, backed only by piano and guitar, and the gorgeous ‘Way Back Home’, which is also the stand out title track from Sorren’s previous EP, takes a snapshot of a musician’s state of mind as he returns home after months on the road (something he can speak of from experience, having supported Idlewild on their most recent tour).

There’s a lot to like on this album, especially for anyone with a soft spot for delicate, yet powerful folk musings. If the Isle Of Mull is responsible for producing a musical export of this calibre, then we’d suggest be keeping a very close eye on the Inner Hebrides’ output in future.

Sorren Maclean
Sorren Maclean

Sorren Maclean – Winter Stay Autumn Tracklist:

1. Science or Fiction
2. Rows & Rows of Boxes
3. Aeroplane Leaving
4. Watch
5. Old Pier
6. Way Back Home
7. Bootlace Chases
8. Either Way
9. Winter Stay Autumn

Winter Stay Autumn by Sorren Maclean is released via Middle Of Nowhere Recordings.

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