Dyonisis – New Album ‘Intoxicated’ released today

Dyonisis - Intoxicated
Dyonisis - Intoxicated

It was back in 2007 when the Sheffield based quartet Dyonisis released their debut self titled album to some acclaim and the band have since been thrilling audiences around the country with their own special brand of intoxicating, broody and haunting style of music.

Combining elements of rock and trip-hop with an overriding folk theme and fusing them into hypnotic and haunting soundscapes, Dyonisis create a unique and ambient sound featuring the outstanding vocal harmonies of singers Nel and Lou.

On the new album, Intoxicated, the intense personal lyrical content is drowned in stunning, at times haunting melodies and harmonies creating an endless yet fulfilling journey of luscious ambiance and dramatic landscapes.

A definite for fans of Enya, circa the excellent track Only Time as there is much on this album that brings that track to mind, that said this album is no retrospective effort and the band’s sights are always firmly fixed in the present in what is an excellent collection of songs delivered in their own unique style.

Here is a clip of Dyonisis performing an excellent acoustic version the track Inside Out from the album Intoxicated.


Intoxicated is the new album from Dyonisis and is available on Singed Records now.

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