Download music videos to your iPod

For anyone who received an iPod for Chrsitmas, this smart “must-have” accessory is not just an mp3 player, and can also be used to download videos, more commonly referred to now as “multimedia files”.

However, before you can download music videos for your iPod, there are things that you need to know and there is a good introductory article by Gerry Restrivera on the American Chronicle website.

Firstly, you need to know where to download the multimedia music video files for your iPod.

Secondly, most video files you download will be in mpeg format and will need to be converted into mp4 format before you can play them on your iPod.  The software to do this is free to download from reputable download sites.

Once all files are in the mp4 format on your iPod, you can add the files to your iTunes library. To transfer files to your iPod simply connect your iPod to your PC using a USB cable and transfer files from your iTunes library to iPod.

It is easy to download music videos for your iPod and most sites will offer free tools and tutorials that will help you start downloading.

Here are three iPod websites to start you off:

With a one time payment you can have unlimited access to download not just music videos but also music, movies, games, TV shows and a lot more. To get access visit iPod Downloads Professional

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