Cyanide Pills – Sliced and Diced – the spirit of 1978!

Cyanide PillsBy 1978 The Sex Pistols had imploded and with them, the original wave of punk rock had become moribund.  Media and politicians shockand horror was quickly replaced with acceptability and a new punk ‘uniform’ of brightly coloured mohicans and bondage trousers which helped manufacture the death of the DIY ethos.

Bridging a gap between New Wave and post-punk were a second wave of punk-influenced groups like The Lurkers, 999 and UK Subs alongside The Clash and Buzzcocks, and from the previous pub rock R n B scene the likes of Eddie & The Hotrods – all playing fast, angst-beating three-chord ‘back to basics’ rock n roll bands. No more shock value and publicity seeking pranks or Kings Road designer clothes.  1978 saw punk being taken over by the working class.

In 2017 Cyanide Pills pay homage to the spirit of 1978 with their new album, Sliced and Diced. These songs sound more akin to football chants and Saturday night boot-boy dancing than anything too political and serious. This is unashamed power chord rock n roll played through a punk filter from a band more interesting in having a good time, than worrying whether their Vivian Westwood designer shirts should be worn tucked in or hanging loose!

Alone Tonight‘ is a homage to The Ramones, while the first of 18 tracks,’I Don’t Remember‘ wouldn’t sound out of place on the very underrated and frequently overlooked second Clash album, Give ’em Enough Rope from 1978.  ‘Stop and Search’ lends its raw power from ‘Police Car‘ by the Cockney Rejects and ‘Cut Me Loose‘ is very reminiscent of Johnny Thunder & The Heartbreakers. While other tracks find kinship with Black Flag (‘Stop And Search’) and Toy Dolls (Under The Knife).

Cyanide Pills 3rd album Sliced and Diced is scheduled for release on 10th March on Damaged Goods Records as a limited edition pink vinyl LP and CD digipack with 20 page lyric booklet.  The album was recorded at The Billiard Room in Leeds by Wedding Present producer Carl Rosamond.

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