Classical minimalism, experimental, ambient – Deer Heart by Tilman Robinson

Deer Heart by Tilman Robinson
Tilman Robinson

Deer Heart was written, recorded and meticulously pieced together at various locations in Berlin, Melbourne, the Canadian Rockies and Reykjavík’s Greenhouse Studios, and follows Tilman Robinson’s debut recording Network of Lies.

Tilman Robinson releases his second full-length album in a haze of glitch cut ups, distortion and tranquil beauty. Deer Heart is multi-layered. One minute beautiful, calm and endearing like a summer lake or snow covered forest, before sliding into darkness and shadows enveloping the listener as it pulls you from one state to another. Innocence, harsh coldness, this beautiful music plays out in black and white. Little room for colour. The music is mesmerising. At times sounding like a soundtrack to a spine-tingling Stephen King thriller; at others, more at home hanging in a gallery alongside abstract paintings, rather than boxed into any ill-fitting music category.

Like all great experimental albums, it is at times challenging. Pushing at boundaries and the simple notion of static, one dimensional forms of music.

With Deer Heart, Tilman Robinson draws from a wide range of musical influences and is intent on testing the psychological impacts of dense sound. Mixed by Valgeir Sigurðsson, best known for his work with Björk, Deer Heart finds Tilman Robinson elevating his sound into an unlikely mix of optimism and nihilism via dark sonic crevices. It is an album of depth and complexity; a record equally at home on the shelves of the most avid post-rock fan as it would in the ranks of any modern-composer collection.

Tilman Robinson is an Australian composer, producer and sound designer, creating electro-acoustic music across a range of genres including classical minimalism, improvised, experimental, electronic and ambient. Academy trained in the fields of both classical and jazz composition, his diverse output focuses on the psychological impact of sound.

One of the best albums of 2016, Deer Heart by Tilman Robinson is scheduled for release on 14 October 2016 through Hobbledehoy Record Co.

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