Cherry Red re-issue Everybody is Fantastic by Microdisney

Microdisney - Everybody Is Fantastic
Microdisney - Everybody Is Fantastic

Microdisney was formed in 1980 by Cathal Coughlan and Sean O’Hagan.  They began recording in their native town of Cork, Ireland. Their first few singles, including 1983’s “Pink Skinned Man“, were produced by Dave Feeley, and released on indie label Kabuki records.


After relocating to London, they signed to Rough Trade, and utilised John Porter (producer of The Smiths) to produce their debut album, Everybody is Fantastic. At this time, the band became acquainted with John Peel, who championed their music, and gave them the first of several celebrated Peel Sessions.

This re-issue done in conjunction with the band contains rare single B-sides and the complete Peel session recorded at the time. With notes in collaboration with the band and a book packed with memorabilia this release serves as a great re-introduction to this finest of Irish bands.

Microdisney – Everybody is Fantastic

1. Idea
2. A Few Kisses
3. Escaltor in the rain
4. Dolly
5. Dreaming Drains
6. I’ll Be A Gentleman
7. Moon
8. Sun
9. Sleepless
10. Come On Over & Cry
11. This Liberal LOve
12. Before Famine
13. Everybody Is Dead

Bonus Tracks

14. Dear Rosmary (single b-side)
15. Sleepless (Peel Session)
16. Moon (Peel Session)
17. Sun (Peel Session)
18. Before Famine (Peel Session)
19. This Liberal Love (Peel Session)
20. Escalator In The Rain (Peel Session)
21. Dolly (Peel Session)
Everybody Is Dead (Peel Session)

Microdisney Everybody is Fantastic is re-issued & available on Cherry Red Records.

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