New single & album from electro pop duo Me And My Drummer

Berlin based electro pop duo Me And My Drummer
Berlin based electro pop duo Me And My Drummer

Berlin based electro pop duo Me And My Drummer are set to release second single, Pentonville Road,  from their forthcoming album Love Is A Fridge, out February 12th 2016 via Sinnbus.

Pentonville Road is “about a woman is looking into a photo album and she sees all the snapshots of a past relationship. Photos of places they have been together and of people the two have met – it’s about that sentimental feeling you get when you look back to a time that is over,” say the band.

New album Love is a Fridge is ten perfect tracks nothing short of an electropop masterpiece as Matze Pröllochs and Brandi traverse a wide and varied soundscape. Her vocals are stronger than ever, enough to match the soulful electropop tones of Florence Welch or Jessie Ware. An album that musically covers a huge range of styles and ideas maintaining its bold feel and flavour for experimentation all the way through. If you imagine Bat For Lashes meets Lykki Li you’re close, but there’s something somewhat celestial about Me And My Drummer that sets them apart.

Love is a Fridge is due for release on February 12th 2016 via Sinnbus.

Watch Me And My Drummer’s video for the previous single Blue Splinter View


The Frisbys’ release second EP The Cause on Dantobaccus Records

The Frisbys’ beautiful EP The Cause is out now via Dantobaccus Records
The Frisbys’ beautiful EP The Cause is out now via Dantobaccus Records

The Frisbys’ beautiful second EP The Cause is out now via Dantobaccus Records.

The six-piece have gone from strength to strength since the release of their debut EP Philosolve two years ago, evolving their sound along the way and, as the band have grown, so has their music. The Cause reflects this perfectly with its collection of stunning stand-out tracks that will resonate with you for days.

The Frisbys have also released two videos for their double A-side single Born and Raised / Give in to the Dark


The Frisbys describe Give in to the Dark as a hopeful song about supporting a loved one through dark times and Born and Raised as “light hearted and upbeat…almost a countrified version of ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC”. The other tracks on the EP carry a similar theme and are filled with utterly stunning harmonies and musicianship throughout. If you’re looking for something to warm you up this Winter then this EP will definitely do the trick.

Helen and Nicola have been singing and playing music together since they were old enough to speak. Having performed as a duo for many years honing their incredible vocal harmonies, it took a boredom call from a broken-legged Marc Robinson (piano, guitar) to convince them to start a full band. The three were joined by Sam Keer (acoustic/electric/slide guitar), and later, Will Cattermole (bass) and Tom Finigan (drums). They have been producing haunting and emotive music ever since.

Reverieme – Or Else The Light, EP Review

Reverieme - Or Else The Light, EP
Reverieme - Or Else The Light, EP

Young singer-songwriter Reverieme’s EP ‘Or Else The Light’ is a beautifully delicate selection of songs you will be immediately swept away by. If not by her voice, then it will be from the intricate musicianship or, failing that, Reverieme’s distinctive songwriting skills.


Tracks such as ‘Venus’, ‘Plankton’ and ‘Outside’ give an instant feel of where Reverieme (aka Louise Connell) is going to take the EP; filling the tracks with beautiful imagery, soft acoustic melodies and warm, captivating vocals.

Other tracks on the EP take a much darker form in terms of songwriting whilst still managing to create a sense of effortlessness and warmth. Tracks such as ‘Outside’ and ‘Nocturnal Babe’ deal with extremely emotive and difficult subjects in a beautifully intricate manner that will set your mind wandering for miles.

Other stand out songs include ‘Golem’, which is one of Reverieme’s more upbeat tracks on the EP. You really get to hear Louise’s Scottish roots come through in her voice on this track as well as getting a chance to see more of a sense of fondness in her songwriting.

All in all, ‘Or Else The Light’ is an absolute delight to listen to but, it’s also an EP that needs to be listened to all the way through respectively. The sheer amount of emotion and delicacy that has gone into this record should be appreciated from start to finish. So, sit down, relax and enjoy.

Reverieme – Or Else The Light track listing:
2. Plankton
3. Outside
4. Golem
5. Nocturnal Babe
6. Datun
7. His

Or Else The Light’ by Reverieme (aka Louise Connell) is out now via 9th Story Records.

Fire & Skill: The Jam Live – 6 CD deluxe box set

‘Fire & Skill: The Jam Live’
‘Fire & Skill: The Jam Live’

The Jam was formed in Woking, Surrey, in 1972 by Paul Weller and various friends at Sheerwater Secondary School. In the early days The Jam played local pubs covering early rock and roll songs until Paul Weller discovered My Generation by The Who and became interested in Mod music and lifestyle. Rick Buckler played those early gigs but Bruce Foxton joined the band much later.

On 29 April 1977, Polydor released The Jam‘s debut single,”In the City“, hit the UK Singles Top 40. They went on to become one of the most successful pop bands of their generation racking up no less than 18 consecutive Top 40 singles in the UK, from their debut in 1977 to their break-up in December 1982, including four number one hits.


It’s 40 years since Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton & Rick Buckler began performing live as The Jam. The band had a phenomenal impact on pop music and wider youth culture. In their short career, they influenced a generation with their music, style, politics and inspiration.

With Somerset House’s current exhibition and Universal Music’s recent CD ‘About The Young Idea’ which both trace the band’s story in hits and images – Universal/Polydor now announce a live box set that follows the journey through incendiary concert recordings.

Named after the legend painted on Paul Weller’s amp, ‘Fire & Skill’ is a superb six disc box set – featuring six previously unreleased concerts, one from each year of their major-label career….

1. Starting with an early gig at London’s famous 100 Club from 1977, the show featured took place 10 months after they first played the venue in November 1976, and was recorded for broadcast on American radio ahead of the trio’s inaugural visit to US in October 1977 for a six-date tour.

2. A Music Machine show from 1978, featuring most of the 2nd album – ‘This Is The Modern World’. This was The Jam’s sixth live show of the year and one of four low-key shows in the capital to fanfare their new ‘News Of The World’ single under the banner ‘The London Blitz’.

3. Reading University – Feb 1979. Playing material from their breakthrough album ‘All Mod Cons’, this was The Jam’s first live appearance of 1979, and found the band in a radically different place to their showcase at the Music Machine 12 months before. In that time, their third album, ‘All Mod Cons’, had been released to critical acclaim, and their status as one of the New Wave’s most musically substantial and exciting bands had been secured. And Weller was still only 20 years old…

4. Newcastle City Hall – October 1980, previewing songs from forthcoming album ‘Sound Affects’. In the time between the show at Reading University (on Disc 3) and this appearance at Newcastle City Hall 20 months later, there had been more extraordinary developments in the group’s world. ‘Setting Sons’, their fourth album, had given them a Top 3 hit with ‘The Eton Rifles’, which was followed in February 1980 with the stirring Number 1 single, ‘Going Underground’. After three years on Polydor, The Jam had finally become the biggest group in the UK.

5. London’s legendary Hammersmith Palais – December 1981. Part of The Jam’s four consecutive nights, previewing material from the forthcoming final album ‘The Gift’. The shows took in the innovative form of a ‘60s soul revue, showcasing new acts including Bananarama, Department S and TV21.

6. One of the band’s final ever gigs at Wembley Arena – December 1982. Late in 1982 The Jam announced they were splitting up – there would, though, be a final chance for fans to experience The Jam’s astonishing live shows, with a 14-date ‘farewell’ tour announced. The centrepiece was a five-night stand at Wembley Arena, the 10,000-capacity shed next to the London football stadium (the recording here is from the second date), the biggest live venue in the capital.

* Packaged in mini, lift-off lid box with 72-page, colour hard-back book.

* Individual gatefold wallets for the discs, designed as facsimiles of the original tape boxes.

* Includes new essay, period photos, rare memorabilia and set of five postcard prints.

* Remastered at Abbey Road.

* Featuring stunning live versions of all the band’s classic hits and favourites of which only 11 tracks previously released.


‘Fire & Skill: The Jam Live’ 6 CD deluxe box set
‘Fire & Skill: The Jam Live’ 6 CD deluxe box set

‘Fire & Skill: The Jam Live’ Tracklisting

Disc One
Live at the 100 Club – 11th September 1977

1. I’ve Changed My Address
2. Carnaby Street
3. The Modern World
4. Time For Truth
5. So Sad About Us
6. London Girl
7. In The Street Today
8. Standards
9. All Around The World
10. London Traffic
11. Heat Wave
12. Sweet Soul Music (b-side of ‘Modern Word’ single)
13. Bricks And Mortar (b-side of ‘Modern Word’ single)
14. In The City
15. Art School
16. Back In My Arms Again (b-side of ‘Modern Word’ single)
17. Slow Down
18. In The Midnight Hour
19. Sounds From The Street
20. Takin’ My Love
21. In The City (encore)

Disc Two
Live at the Music Machine – 2nd March 1978

1. The Modern World
2. London Traffic
3. I Need You
4. The Combine
5. Aunties And Uncles
6. Standards
7. Here Comes The Weekend
8. Sounds From The Street
9. News Of The World
10. London Girl
11. In The Street Today
12. Bricks And Mortar
13. In The Midnight Hour
14. Carnaby Street
15. All Around The World
16. Slow Down
17. News Of The World (Sound-check – bonus track)

Disc Three
Live at Reading University – 16th February 1979

1. The Modern World
2. Sounds From The Street
3. Away From The Numbers
4. All Mod Cons To Be Someone
5. It’s Too Bad
6. Mr Clean
7. Billy Hunt
8. In The Street Today
9. Standards (Originally released on ‘Dig The New Breed’ album 1982)
10. Tonight At Noon
11. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
12. News Of The World
13. Here Comes The Weekend
14. Bricks And Mortar / Batman
15. The Place I Love
16. David Watts
17. Heat Wave
18. ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street

Disc Four
Live at Newcastle City Hall – 28th October 1980

1. Intro
2. Dreamtime
3. Thick As Thieves
4. Boy about Town
5. Monday
6. Going Underground
7. Pretty Green
8. Man In The Corner Shop
9. Set The House Ablaze
10. Private Hell
11. Liza Radley
12. Dreams Of Children
13. The Modern World
14. Little Boy Soldiers
15. But I’m Different Now
16. Start!
17. Scrape Away
18. Strange Town
19. When You’re Young
20. The Eton Rifles
21. Billy Hunt
22. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
23. To Be Someone
24. ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street
25. David Watts

Disc Five
Live at Hammersmith Palais – 14th December 1981

1. The Gift / Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
2. Man In The Corner Shop (originally released on ‘Live Jam’ album 1993)
3. Ghosts
4. Absolute Beginners
5. Town Called Malice (originally released on ‘Live Jam’ album 1993)
6. Set The House Ablaze (Originally released on ‘Dig The New Breed’ album 1982)
7. That’s Entertainment / Tales From The River Bank
8. Precious
9. Happy Together
10. In The Crowd / David Watts
11. Boy About Town
12. Pretty Green
13. Funeral Pyre (originally released on ‘Live Jam’ album 1993)
14. Circus
15. Going Underground
16. Big Bird (Originally released on ‘Dig The New Breed’ album 1982)
17. Little Boy Soldiers

Disc Six
Live at Wembley Arena – 2nd December 1982

1. Start!
2. It’s Too Bad
3. Beat Surrender
4. Away From The Numbers
5. Ghosts
6. In The Crowd
7. Boy About Town
8. Get Yourself Together
9. All Mod Cons
10. To Be Someone
11. Smithers-Jones
12. The Great Depression
13. Move On Up
14. When You’re Young
15. David Watts
16. Private Hell
17. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
18. Mr Clean
19. Trans-Global Express
20. Going Underground
21. The Butterfly Collector (originally released on ‘Live Jam’ album 1993)
22. Dreams Of Children
23. The Gift

‘Fire & Skill: The Jam Live’ is scheduled for released on 30th October 2015 on Polydor / Universal.

Al Berkowitz – A Long Hereafter / Nothing Beyond, album review

Al Berkowitz - A Long Hereafter / Nothing Beyond is now available on Temple Arts
Al Berkowitz - A Long Hereafter Nothing Beyond

Like me, you may not have heard of Al Berkowitz; and you may be forgiven for thinking, as I did, Al Berkowitz is obviously a singer / songwriter. It’s more complicated than that. Al Berkowitz is a trio from Spain who play psych rock fused with folk music and a 1960’s lounge / easy listening.  None of them are called Al Berkowitz.

The band were formed in 2006 when the Spanish psychedelic band The Inhabitants joined forces with American beatnik Aldous Berkowitz . After Aldous’ departure in 2007, they christened the band Al Berkowitz as a homage to their former bandmate and mentor. They are now a trio consisting of Ignacio Simón, Santiago Estrada and Lorenzo Palomares.

Al Berkowitz is formed around multi-instrumentalist Ignacio Simón and his angelic, beautiful honey-dripping voice. The album was self-produced by Simón in an idyllic and tranquil setting off the coast of Cádiz (Spain). The music drifts effortlessly between a psychedelic haze and folk aspirations reminiscent, at least in part, of the likes of Tim Buckley and Scott Walker.

The opening track, ‘You And I‘, sets a sun-kissed and chilled scene.  With its Spanish guitar, echo-drenched vocal and angelic choral backing, I’m transported back to the Mediterranean Sea, watching a beautiful sunset unfold before my eyes. But ‘The Frenchman And The Rabbitman‘ disturbs me.  The angelic voice is replaced with a lemon twisted psych rock. I feel somewhat rudely and abruptly awoken; and so the journey begins.


With ‘How Could We Get Ourselves Lost?‘ the album’s tranquility returns which leaves me thinking the previous eight minute psych out was in some way representative of a bad acid trip. An interruption that possibly has significant and underlying meaning.  Am I detecting this is a concept album?


Ignacio Simón‘s beautiful and delicately angelic voice is perfectly accompanied by the sadness of a cello on  ‘How Could We Get Ourselves Lost?‘ and the fourth song to make up ‘A Long Hereafter‘  is ‘Magical Cynical‘ with its oompah-pah piano and sing-a-long chorus, it fills me with a nostalgic sense of golden age vaudeville drunken merriness through 1960’s rose-tinted glasses.


The album is very clearly set out in two parts and ‘Nothing Beyond‘ begins with ‘Farewell My Lady‘ with its stirring psych rock attitude.  Confusingly, the song ‘A Long Hereafter‘ appears in this second part. This song has me thinking of Scott Walker, Jacques Brel and Ignacio Simón as a troubadour.

Nothing Beyond‘ has a dreamy sadness.  Full of echo the song floats in a telling way. Like the end of a something beautiful that has served its time and been left to drift effortlessly and happily towards a heavenly unknown.

Sensitive, Not Dramatic‘ introduces an industrial element with its rhythm churning away in the background while monastic-like harmonies fuse psychedelic headiness with experimental err towards kraut rock, as A Long Hereafter / Nothing Beyond closes gradually like vapour caught in a light breeze.

A Long Hereafter Nothing Beyond was originally released on the Spanish record label Green Ufos in March 2013.  The album was apparently well received but suffered from a limited run promotion. Temple Arts signed Al Berkowitz in 2014 and felt it only right this album should be re-released with full support and promotion across Europe in the hope that Al Berkowitz would receive the critical success they feel, the band deserve.

The re-release of A Long Hereafter / Nothing Beyond has been remastered and edited from 12 to 8 tracks, as the original release included 4 tracks against the band’s wishes.  Further to the re-release, Al Berkowitz will be relocating to London later this year to help promote themselves and pursue wider appreciation in the UK and across Europe.

Ignacio Simón has a beautiful, angelic voice and A Long Hereafter / Nothing Beyond, a truly wonderful album; and Temple Arts are right, more people need to hear the music of Al Berkowitz.

Al BerkowitzA Long Hereafter / Nothing Beyond is now available on Temple Arts.