Rainham Beer and Music Festival, 22nd and 23rd June 2018

If you like beer and you like music, you’ll love this! The first Rainham Beer  and Music Festival is taking place on 22nd and 23rd June 2018 at the Oast Community Centre right by Rainham Station. Yeah, that one – the one that everyone says “I went to something there years ago but haven’t been since.”

It’s now got new people running it and they’re building something really  special down there. There have been lots of improvements to the building already, as it’d been neglected for years, but these things aren’t cheap. Hence the festival is aiming to raise money for the next phase of the work.

One Friday 22nd June, the music is provided by Careful Now Promotions and they’ve got a cracklingly tempting  line-up for you:

7.00 – 7.40 – Stuart Turner is an alternative to your usual singer-songwriter. Having released two solo albums, Turner formed the ironically titled band Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society, (who now feature former Dentists guitarist Bob Collins), who released their album ‘Scowl‘ in the summer of 2017. An unusual mixture of indie-pop, skiffle, folk, rockabilly and balls to the wall rock and roll, five albums in they still defy any attempts to classify them, but with the song writing constantly challenging, constantly changing and never the same performance twice.

7.55 – 8.35 – Darren Hayman is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. He was best known as the writer, lead singer and guitarist in Peel favourites and multiple Festive 50 botherers, Hefner. Since Hefner disbanded in 2002, Darren has embarked on a prolific solo career releasing more than a dozen  albums under his own name, while also appearing on albums by Papernut Cambridge, Rotifer and The Great Electric. He has regularly worked with The Wave Pictures, producing an album for them, directing three of their music videos and briefly employed them as his backing band.

His most recent work has been a series of songs based on ‘Thankful Villages’, which are those who, during both world wars, didn’t lose any of their folk that went off to fight.

8.50 – 9.30 – Fightmilk are a band who were formed of frustration in 2015 after a string of bad break-ups and boring jobs. They write entitled millennial songs about getting drunk with the right people, falling in love with the wrong ones and always being the girl found crying at parties.  They leave odd time signatures or wanky chord changes to other people. Not enough people are making pop music anyway. You can dance to all of their songs apart from the slow ones, though they’d like you to try and dance to those too.

They released an EP, ‘Pity Party’, on Fierce Panda records – according to For the Rabbits, “An EP so good we’ll even forgive them releasing a song about New Year’s Eve in the middle of July” – and are set to release our first album, ‘Sometimes It’s Good to Be Alone’, later this year.

9.45 – 10.45 – Theatre Royal were formed in 2009, naming themselves after the now demolished Theatre Royal in Chatham. The band released their debut album ‘From rubble rises…’ in 2010. Three subsequent albums have been released since their debut, the most recent being ‘And then it fell out of my head’ on independent label Vacilando 68.

All four albums have picked up a host of fine reviews and regular airplay on BBC 6music and Radio X / XFM, as well as being championed by cult New York DJ Bill Kelly on WFMU in New Jersey. Live the band have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with the likes of The Chameleons, Public Image Ltd, The Flamin Groovies, The Wedding Present and Sweet Baboo.

Theatre Royal take their cues from the last 50 years of guitar music, creating clattering yet literate pop music laden with harmonies and chiming guitar lines. Comparisons have been made to such names as Buffalo Springfield, Echo and The Bunnymen and The Go-Betweens. Theatre Royal are currently working on their fifth album to be released shortly.

Admission to the festival is a miserly £4.00 each day, which also gets you a commemorative glass, and allows you into the music area as well. If that’s not an absolute flippin’ bargain, I don’t know what is.

Please note that there is music on the Saturday as well but that is a whole different ball-game and organised by a different bunch of people. They are offering these local acts from 7pm onwards:

Ancient Orange
Ravella Bridge
Turtle Circles
Love Reptiles

See you there on the Friday evening and I’ll happily join you in a pint or two of something tasty to wash the music down with.

The King of Rock and Roll lives on!

There has been only a few singers and actors that have carved their name in history throughout their amazing talents. Amongst which is Elvis Presley, born from a humble family in Tupelo, Mississippi. Despite going through a quite agitated youth that led to many house moving, Elvis found music which was amongst the consistent things in his childhood, the other being his parents.

Elvis had a very strong charisma since his childhood as it was at the age of eight that he taught himself how to play the church piano. It was when he turned eleven that he was gifted a guitar by his parents on his birthday, the beginning of the wondrous tunes played by his magical fingers! It was in 1954 that Elvis rose to stardom when he signed a contract for four records with Sun Records. Soon after making an apparition on TV then in movies, Elvis’ popularity was skyrocketing and money was flowing in. Despite going to serve the US Army forces, Elvis Presley was still popular amongst the public. And even when the Beatles came onto stage, they were unable to make the king of rock and roll share his title nor have they been able to steal it from it.

The singer and actor, Elvis Presley, also regarded to as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century is still alive in Las Vegas despite knowing a tragic end in August 1977. As described, Elvis Presley was “An American pop culture icon like few others, he rode high in the rock music charts in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s before his untimely end”. With fans from all over the world, the rock star is still remembered as an icon in the music industry. One good example is the big celebration of the King’s 80th birthday in Memphis where it was declared to be Elvis Presley Day. In commemoration of this special day, an eight-tier cake was sliced by Elvis former wife Priscilla in the company of their only child Lisa Marie.

Elvis Presley lives in every corner of Las Vegas and he has definitely not left the building! Despite being 38 years since his departure, the star is still remembered from all around the world. There have been many statues sculpted across the globe; that of Elvis Presley in all his stardom while others kept his memory alive throughout Facebook pages and even special websites dedicated to him. A bingo premier company that has also specialised in the making of online casinos, Daub Games Ltd has gone further by creating an online casino named Magical Vegas that will definitely remind you of the city of lights alongside Melvis the concierge that bears a resemblance to what the king would look like if he was still amongst us!

With years of experience in the online gaming industry, Daub Games Ltd latest creation is a step above the other existing websites since the site is fully responsive. Magical Vegas also comprises of a plethora of games that have been taken from well-known game providers; IGT, Microgaming Systems, Bally Technologies, Eyecon and Play’n Go. The website creator also created its own games which cannot be found elsewhere! Are you ready to enter the city of entertainment to stay awake until dawn? Book your stay at the premier destination, Magical Vegas where you are welcomed with 10 free spins on registration.

Whether exploring new music or enjoying online gaming…

I first got excited by the possibilities of the Internet in the mid-1990s.  Then, in its infancy it offered a world of possibilities.  For me, it has delivered.  A freedom of choice comes with consequences.  Whether exploring new music or enjoying online gaming, my advice is to always be cautious, especially where giving credit card and personal details.

Like cable TV that now beams 1,000s of channels into my home, rather than just the three I was brought up with, superfast broadband and the Internet has opened unfathomable new avenues of delivering music to a device of my choice.  Whether that be my mobile phone, laptop or Smart TV – the latter being a better listening device as it now includes a 300 watt speaker system and subwoofer.  But with this easy access and 24/7 availability comes less quality control.  That’s not to churn out the old adage of ‘music isn’t as good as it used to be’. That’s a separate argument.  For now, it’s suffice to say that there has always been good and bad music.  But it is true to say that, where there is a plethora of choice and a drop in quality control, it can be difficult and very time consuming to find what you are looking for, as much as the concern of cyber attacks and online fraud.

Equally, help and advice is needed to sought through the array of choices available across the Internet when it comes to entertainment  and games websites, especially when you are asked to give up your credit card details.  For example, the website toponlinecasinos.co.uk rates online casino websites with a scoring system that highlights how trustworthy the site and company are.

By reviewing certificates, game play and testing each sites’ software including bonus offers and security issues, Top Online Casinos has selected five online casinos that all offer the following reassuring features:

  • A 100% safety & fair gaming policy
  • Guaranteed personal privacy & protection against cyber attack
  • Valuable information about responsible gaming
  • Candid reporting on the games payout
  • Legal security in case of disputes
  • Separate account for your money

By offering more transparency and quality control, regulated online betting sites offer a better deal than unscrupulous rogue online casinos who sometimes offer more than they deliver as part of an overall increase in online fraud. Unfair bonus rules and rigged games don’t make it easy for unexpected customers to appreciate they are being cheated.

The Internet gives me access to listen to music whenever I want, wherever I want and by whoever I want.  With this freedom to explore, gone are the reassurances of quality control, censorship and the confines of mainstream commercialism.  Similarly, with other entertainment such as online gaming and gambling, the opportunities are infinite.  But with this comes issues of risk, security and lack of quality control, and to some degree, legislation.

Charlotte Church: from angel to activist

Charlotte Church was catapulted into the spotlight in her childhood, her dazzling vocals earning her millions of records sales worldwide. Additionally, Church has performed in front of many prestigious and high profile figures, including Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Clinton. Charlotte Church is available for booking through London based MN2S agency.

Charlotte Church was born in Llandaff in Cardiff, Wales, into a Roman Catholic family. Church rose to public prominence in 1997 with a rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Pie Jesu’ that she performed over the phone on the breakfast television show, This Morning. This exposure was built upon when she appeared on the ITV Big, Big Talent Show in 1997. Almost overnight, Church had turned into a singing sensation. Inducted into the entertainment industry, Church was soon performing concerts at locations such as the Cardiff Arms Park, and the Royal Albert Hall. Church performed on the international stage when she was given the honour of opening for Dame Shirley Bassey in Antwerp.

However, Church’s astronomical start did not preclude her from getting a formal education. In 1998, she received a vocal scholarship to Howell’s School Llandaff in Cardiff and achieved the balancing act of school and performing her passion with on the road tutors – finishing her education at the age of 16. Trained as a classical singer, Church sang in a multitude of languages: in addition to her native English and Welsh she also performed pieces in Latin, Italian and French. Her first album, released in 1998 at only 12 years old, was titled Voice of an Angel, and was a selection of popular operatic arias, sacred songs and hymns and other traditional pieces. The album was a huge success and sold extensively worldwide, making Church the youngest ever artist to reach the No. 1 spot on the British classical crossover charts.


A year later Church released her eponymous second album that included a range of songs from a similar genre. The use of her uplifting song Just Wave Hello was used in a major commercial campaign for the Fort Motor Company and earned Church a slew of new fans. The following year saw Church deviate from her more operatic and religious song choices when she released an album of Christmas carols, Dream a Dream. Her next album, Enchantment, saw her venture into more pop influences, also dabbling with swing and Broadway classics. In 2002, she embarked on the Royal Christmas tour, appearing alongside singing legend Dame Julie Andrews and her fellow Sound of Music performer Christopher Plummer.

The next phase of Church’s career saw her pursuing a sound that was based more in pop than opera and classical. The result was her first pop album, Tissues and Issues, which spawned two UK Top 10 singles. Church embarked on a small tour, selling out the venues in both London and Cardiff. Following these performances, Church had a career hiatus in 2009, but was soon releasing a new album, Back to Scratch, in 2010. Her most recent music has shown not only her versatility but also her daring, a series of alternative rock EP’s, ONE, TWO, THREE and the 2014, FOUR.

Church is also known for her political activism and support for humanitarian causes. In 2007, she became a patron the UK charity, The Topsy Foundation, a group focusing on the support and medical care of those in rural South African communities infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS. Church was also heavily involved in the Leveson Inquiry, providing testimonials, and has been vocal in her support of the Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot, Greenpeace movements against Shell’s activity in the Arctic and the Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for leadership of the Labour party.

If you interested in booking the extremely talented Charlotte Church for a performance, appearance or brand endorsement, please contact music booking agency, MN2S.

Kagoule release their debut album Urth

Kagoule release their debut album Urth
Kagoule release their debut album Urth

Nottingham’s Kagoule released their debut album Urth this month and are streaming the self-made video to their BBC Radio 6Music playlisted single ‘Made of Concrete’. Devised, shot and edited by the band in one day, the DIY video is an ode to David Lynch that asks a lot more questions than it answers.

Despite not being out of their teens, Kagoule have created an album of true depth and creativity, with MOJO labelling them “superior grunge-schooled rock” (4/5) and Kerrang! saying “the potential here is terrifying” (4/5).

Kagoule also announce some new tour dates, including upcoming shows with METZ and Sleaford Mods.

Urth can now be pre-order via iTunes and Earache Records.
Tour dates

Sept. 17 – Vienna, Austria – Arena 3 Raum Bar w/ Ball Park Music
Sept. 18 – Berlin, Germany – Magnet
Sept.22 – Hannover, Germany – Lux
Sept. 25 – Dusseldorf, Germany – Zakk w/ METZ
Sept. 26 – Hambury, Germany – Reeperbahn Festival
Sept. 27 – Leipzeig, Germany – Ilses Erika w/ Ball Park Music
Sept. 28 – Prague, Czech Republic – Basement Bar
Sept. 30 – Cologne, Germany – Blue Shell w/ Ball Park Music
Oct. 01 – Brussels, Belgium – Witloof Bar @ Botanique
Oct. 03 – Portsmouth, UK – Dials Festival w/ Black Honey + Hooton Tennis Club
Oct. 09 – Nottingham, UK – Rock City w/ Sleaford Mods
Oct. 10 – Leeds, UK – Beacons Metro w/ Traams, Pins, Crushed Beaks
Oct. 18 – Manchester, UK – Carefully Planned Festival
Oct. 23 – All Years Leaving Festival w/ The Wytches, Speedy Ortiz, Chastity Belt