Maker – Girl Quit Your Crying EP

MAKERMaker hail from Medway – home to the likes of The James Taylor Quartet, The Prisoners and Billy Childish.  But though their music has an undeniable 1960s and early 1970s taste, it is a much more rich, diverse and complex  than the back-to-basic 1960s garage more akin to the aforementioned local heroes, and commonly referred to as the ‘Medway Sound‘.

This week Maker release their second EP. The title track, ‘Girl Quit Your Crying’ is full of a hazy blues, after hours lock-in complete with feathered haircuts, Double Diamond pint jugs and a Rod & The Faces swagger. Alessandro Marinelli’s gravel-throated bluesy voice underlines only one of many influences present on this solid 5-track EP. But the Maker sound is much more versatile, complex and multi-layered than a shallow retro posture.  Somewhere between then and now,  Maker sound unique in these days of shortlived fashions, reality tv and throwaway pop.  They appear to take influence from an array of solid sounds, styles and grooves and run, run, run with it.  They are not simply retro and not exactly contemporary.

Similar to the previous single, ‘Move Your Feet’, there is a strong element of early 1970s soul, R ‘n’ B and rock ‘n’ roll running throughout the whole  EP.  ‘So Serene’ and ‘Are You Watching Me?’ are full to the brim of a white-faced soulful funky groove.  Think Sly & The Family Stone fused with  a steam-charged rhythm n blues of Mick Taylor era Rolling Stones, a good helping of The Faces and etched in the post house music influenced rhythms of Primal Scream and The Stone Roses. Great stuff!

Maker look good and sound great.  They are Alessandro Marinelli (Vocals), Andrew Donaldson (Guitar), Gavin Donaldson (Drums) & John Austin (Bass).  The ‘Girl Quit Your Crying’ EP succinctly captures their authentic rock n roll, psychedelic, bluesy soul sound.

‘Girl Quit Your Crying’, ‘So Serene’ and ‘are You Watching Me?’ were recorded at the famous Rockfield Studio & Leeders Farm. The EP also includes two demos, ‘Lose It On The Second Turn’ and Stop My Heart Dead’, recorded at Ranscombe Studios in Rochester.

Girl Quit Your Crying EP by Maker is available via Kidda Records.

Innocense by Suspects – pure post-grunge garage punk rock

Suspects - Thomas Prescott and James (Jaff) MaySuspects are Thomas Prescott and James (Jaff) May. They come from Southend, and are a part of the ever-growing, pulsating Cool Thing Records that could very well be at the centre of the universe.

Their debut single, Innocense, sees the the two-piece arrive on the garage punk rock ‘n’ roll platform with a bang!

Innocense is an epic slice of back-to-basics, gritty, driving post-grunge garage punk rock.  Pounding drums, heavy big muff-drive fuzz guitars and an abrasive yet controlled, aggressive vocal delivery.  All of which fixates the listener like a rabbit to headlights or Elvis to prescription drugs.  From the off, Innocence explodes into action. 0-50 faster than Valentino Rossi. Ending way too soon, it leaves an empty burning hum and a spellbinding charm, before I select repeat, again and again.

Innocense perfectly depicts a sound that cuts like a switchblade through the endless pile of shallow, empty candy-sweet, non-confrontational drivel that envelopes the sleepy, zombie-like state we find ourselves in. Suspects are here to wake us up from our slumber and to shout from the roof tops FUCK POLITICS – LET’S DANCE!

Pump up the volume and jump aboard the Suspects train departing from Southend-on-Sea, as it steams head on to Garage Punkville!  This train is bound for freedom with its first class passengers Jack White, Black Sabbath, Queens Of The Stone Age and Black Flag.

Innocence by Suspects is available on Cool Thing Records.

The Love Family – New Single & Album for the (un)Beaten Generation

The Love Family - Traces [drone attack] Remix by Terry Lane
The Love Family – Traces [drone attack] Remix by Terry Lane
The Love Family
Traces [drone attack]
Remixed by Terry Lane
Available as a digital single via Grip Records on 24th March, 2017


Watching fads, scenes and sub-genres come and go, The Love Family have quietly gone about their business producing hard hitting slabs of power chord-driven post punk flavoured alt rock from deepest Medway through the past two decades.

With a forthcoming album and epic 13 minute remix of the lead track to boot, original members Gary Robertson and Paul Ireland have been spending time locked away in Kent’s  Squarehead Studio with producer Rob Wilkes and finding the unhinged freedom of not having to consider performing new songs live, a godsend.

“Allowing yourself the freedom to use multi-tracking and overdubs to produce a more perfect representation of what is in your head, rather than consider how we are going to perform songs live as a three-piece without any backing tapes, has been such a release,” said Gary Robertson.

Paul Ireland added: “That allowed us to work more as a group, rather than concentrate on our own instruments”.

The new album is simply called ‘Tracks’, consisting of an intro and outro version of new song, ‘Traces’ collate with the group’s 10 favourite tracks since their debut album ‘Out of Reach’ in 2013; and to celebrate their new found freedom to explore all possibilities, they asked Terry Lane to rework the lead single in whatever style he wished.  His re-imagining of the track is as far removed from the original as it is breath-taking in its behemoth drone monster-like production.

Unconventionally, the Traces [drone attack] remix weighs in at over 13 minutes.  The remix uses instrumentation from the original version while genetically engineering a hip hop beat to a slowly building, ever increasing wall of sound until it is unleashed like a wild pulsating sonic beast that gradually unravels before your ears, rolling forward into a space echoing experimental noise.

Traces [drone attack] will be released on 24th March as a digital download.  While the original versions of ‘Traces’ will be available on The Love Family’s second album, ‘Tracks’, which is scheduled for release on 12th May. Both will be available to buy from iTunes and Amazon and available to stream on Spotify.

For more information visit the official Love Family Facebook page.

Summer has arrived in the shape of Free School new single ‘Love Calling’

Love Calling’/ ‘Don’t Make Your Life So Hard’ (Sam Redmore’s Cosmic Excursion)

is released this Friday, 26 June 2015, on the wonderful Static Caravan Recordings label.


Love Calling is a cosmic epic featuring the shamanistic vocal stylings of Tomlin Mystic. This is such a beautiful song full of rich layers that combine elements of Giorgio Moroder, echoes of Antony & The Johnsons, 1980s synth pop, and a warm retro haze of late 80s warehouse party morning sunrise.

This is the second single from forthcoming album ‘Dancing On The Dark’, following the release of single ‘Hudson’s Whistle’ in February which garnered multiple plays on 6Music. The album will feature guest vocalists Maps, Katy Prado, Sigmund Frued, Tomlin Mystic and long-time live cohort Greg Bird.

Free School cosmic delights have won the support of Lauren Laverne, Gilles Peterson, Gideon Coe … and BUZZIN MUSIC!

Love Calling’/ ‘Don’t Make Your Life So Hard’ is released by Free School on Static Caravan. For more information visit

Grungy punk girls Feature new video for ‘Wisdom Teeth’

London grungy punk girl trio Feature have unveiled their new video for ‘Wisdom Teeth‘ directed by Maria Cecilia


Maria says, “When I was approached to make a video for Feature, the band asked me if I could make it about “Jen’s weird hands doing things”. Basically it’s an in-joke taken a bit too far, something I’m always going to get behind. I really wanted to add some old school effects – making it a quite absurd and surreal without being too serious. Also apparently it’s almost the exact same set up as the the Disney film Frozen? Haha. Oops.”

The band say of the video,

“Jen’s twiglet fingers are a constant source of wonder to us; They’re always there in the corner of our eye, resting majestically on objects, creeping across tables or wrapped around drumsticks. We felt now was their time to shine”.

Feature are a punk band from London. Having already released two EP’s (‘Memory’ on Cazenove Tapes in 2012, and the acclaimed ‘Culture of the Copy’ on Tye Die Tapes in early 2014), they joined up with tour buddies Slowcoaches for the ‘Tourists’ split EP, which gets a cassette release on April 27th via Unwork Records (COP, USA Nails, Los Cripis, Major Malfunction).

Last month, a compilation of both EPs came out on Brisbane label Ruined Smile, and the trio have releases on Art For Blind and Soft Power Records later this year, as well as currently writing an album, due 2016. The band did a session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music last year, plus a Bowlegs session, and have supported the likes of Protomartyr, Cheatahs, Mazes, TRAAMS, Joey Fourr, Verity Susman and Chain and the Gang. Jen also plays in Sauna Youth and Monotony, Heather also plays in Slowcoaches and Human Form. Liv feels lazy.

FeatureWisdom Teeth’ is taken from the Tourists EP (a split with Slowcoaches), released 27th April via Unwork Records.

Feature UK & European Live Dates:

Friday 17th April – The Stillery, London w/ Super Luxury (free)

Saturday 2nd May – Odd Box Records Weekender, The Shacklewell Arms, London w/ Slowcoaches, Joey Fourr, The Fish Police and more

Friday 8th May – Gullivers, Manchester w/ Gorgeous Bully

Monday 11th May – Oslo, Hackney w/ Cheatahs & No Joy

Friday 29th May – Berlin, Germany w/ DIÄT

Saturday 3rd October – The 9th Annual Nottingham Pop All-dayer, The Maze, Nottingham w/ Witching Waves and more