Radio One: Zane Lowe – Masterpieces

zane lowe Radio One DJ Zane Lowe’s excellent programme Masterpieces, starts a second series next week. The show takes albums that Lowe considers to be masterpieces and profiles them on air.

The series comprises of four episodes that will start on Monday March 31st at 7-9pm. The first programme will  feature Radiohead’s OK Computer, a great choice in my view.

The albums featured are played in their entirety along with Lowe talking about the record. The series will run on consecutive evenings, April 1st will feature Public Enemy’s It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, Wednesday 2nd April, The Libertines, Up The Bracket and Thursday 3rd April features Guns N’Roses, Appetite For Destruction.

There must be something for everyone amongst those four choices.

FAC 501 Tony Wilson – a tribute

You can listen again to the FAC 501 – Tony Wilson Tribute by going to and choosing Listen Again.

TV presenter, critic and one time music journalist, Paul Morley looks back at Tony Wilson’s career with Granada Television and Factory Records.

The show is a 2 hour speech only version of the radio show that was originally broadcast on 30 December.

FAC 501 – Tony Wilson Tribute features an exclusive interview with Tony Wilson, recorded by Newsnight just months before he died, as well as interviews with his friends, including Peter Saville, Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan; and band members of Joy Division/ New Order and A Certain Ratio, among others.

This is a very well produced tribute to a legendary indivdual, to whom so much of the music from Manchester that followed The Sex Pistols and Punk Rock was indebted too.

Tony Wilson died of cancer on 10 August 2007.  He was just 57.

Free mp3’s for Christmas

This years gift of choice from many bands is a free mp3 that can be down loaded from their various sites and pages across the net.

The good people at XFM UK have put together a list of some of the indie tracks available, with direct links to the sites.

The list includes the following artistes:

OceansizeDiamond Hoo Ha Men ‘345’


Laura Marling: Exclusive Session

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip


Manic Street Preachers

Little Man Tate

The Charlatans

Super Furry Animals

Emmy The Great

The Holloways

Radio 1 fail to censor Fairytale of New York

The Pogues - Fairytale of New YorkAfter receiving complaints about playing a censorsed version, the BBC retracted from their stance and began again playing the uncensored version of Fairytale of New York, by The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl yesterday.

Political correctness has already gone mad and this really was a pathetic move by Radio 1.

Even some Radio 1 dj’s were against the decision. The Telegraph writes that the decision was criticised as “ridiculous” by Chris Moyles.

Possibly the greatest Christmas pop song of all-time, this classic tune has been re-released and with this extra publicity will with any luck be this year’s UK Christmas number.

The so-called offensive language that was censored a full 20 years after it was first released and played on Radio 1 is

“You scumbag, you maggot you cheap lousy faggot, Happy Christmas your arse I pray God It’s our last.”

Apparently the word faggot is offensive to gay men like gay activist Peter Tatchell!

I believe music is art and therefore shouldn’t be censored at all. Jean MacColl, mother of Kirsty MacColl said she was pleased the BBC wasn’t around to censor Shakespeare and Chaucer.

Jean MacColl continues to run the Justice For Kirsty Campaign for her daughter who was killed in 2000 by a power boat at the age of 41. No one has ever been made accountable for her death.