Moneen Release New EP & UK Tour Dates

Moneen release Hold That Sound EP & UK Live Dates
Moneen release Hold That Sound EP & UK Live Dates

Moneen release their new digital download EP, Hold That Sound, on 23rd June. The title track is taken from Moneen’s fourth full-length album, due out later this year on Dine Alone Records (worldwide) and Vagrant (US). The, as yet untitled, new album was produced by David Bottrill (Tool, Silverchair, Muse).

Moneen’s Hold That Sound EP will also be released on limited edition 12” vinyl on 8th July on white, black, and clear vinyl.

You  can listen to Hold That Sound EP and pre-order the vinyl right now on

Moneen mix new grunge with catchy, upbeat rock tunes with stirring melodies and poetic, though-provoking lyrics, Moneen released their debut album, The Theory of Harmonial Value in 2001, followed by Are We Really Happy with Who We Are Right Now? in 2003 and The Red Tree in 2006. The group’s 2008 live CD/DVD It All Started With A Red Stripe was nominated for Music DVD of the Year at the 2009 Juno Awards.

Hold That Sound EP Tracklisting:

1. Hold That Sound (album track)
2. Madness – b-side / unreleased
3. The Way – b-side / unreleased
4. Waterfalls (album track, alternate version)

To help promote the new ep and forthcoming album, Moneen will be playing some live UK shows in June.

Moneen UK Live Dates:

Jun 22 – London, UK @ Barfly
Jun 23 – Manchester, UK @ Academy
Jun 24 – Glasgow, UK @ Barrowlands
Jun 25 – York, UK @ Fibbers
Jun 26 – Birmingham, UK @ Academy
Jun 27 – London, UK @ Forum
Aug 02 – Kitchener, ON @ Cutting Edge Music Festival

For more information visit and

Threatmantics – Big Man – Single Review

Threatmantics – new single 'Big Man'
Threatmantics – new single

Threatmantics are a three-piece rock band from Cardiff, consisting of guitar, drums, keyboard and viola. On their new single ‘Big Man’ they create a rampaging three-minute rock song out of their limited line-up (just guitar, drums, keyboard and vocals on this song).

Big Man’ opens with a simple stomping drum beat and limited keyboards, this probably being because they are played simultaneously by the same person. The Interpol-esque  guitar line that follows is simple and complements frontman Heddwyn Davies’ distorted voice. This simplicity gives the whole recording a lo-fi Strokes feel to it, and the way the arrangement is so stripped-back and the notes occasionally out of tune makes it even more garage band.

The way Davies screeches the lyric “It takes a big man to break a young girl’s heart” in the rocking chorus is sinister and signals a return to those raw, primitive rock songs about love, betrayal and jealousy. This is a great taster for Threatmantics’ upcoming LP ‘Upbeat Love’, which actually improves on this single, featuring the mellowing addition of the viola.

‘Big Man’ by Threatmantics is released on Double Six records on 7” vinyl and as a digital download. Check them out at for a taste of their other stuff.


Shinedown – The Sound Of Madness album review


Shinedown – The Sound Of Madness – Album Review

The Sound Of Madness is Shinedown’s third studio album.  The 11 tracks were apparently selected from over 60 tracks that singer/songwriter Brent Smith had written and a few new songs written while rehearsing in the studio.  The album represents both Shinedown’s more commercial sounding soft rock leanings as much as a harder grunge rock.

Devour is a great standalone track, but it also serves as a great introduction for the new Shinedown album, The Sound Of Madness.

Devour is an ideal start with snare & bass drum stomping its way towards the speakers, increasing in volume likened to a marching army of soldiers.  The Shinedown army is full of hard-hitting heavy progressive metal soldiers, ready and waiting to explode withpost-punk, post-grunge heavy rock raw, angst agression.

Next up is the title track, Sound Of Madness is slower in tempo, but no less heavy or menacing.  In fact the slower tempo is moreso.  Sound Of Madness has a great throbbing bass and a true call to arms – the sound of madness, when you gonna wake up and fight?

Second Chance is the third track on the album and is altogether a different animal.  Second Chance sounds like an obvious contender for the next single.  With its lighter, more melodic MOR sound, it is both radio and TV friendly, especially with its anthemic sing-a-long chorus.

Cry For Help gets the show back on the road, as the power, volume and beats per minute return and once again Shinedown are, for me, doing what they do best.  Death to timid pop metal! Lock up your daughters.  Cry For Help sounds great on vinyl and probably even better live.

Go to Shinedown Concerts for a list of tour dates.

The Crow & The Butterfly, If You Only Knew, What A Shame, Breaking Inside and Call Me are slower tempo, big anthemic productions which will have live audiences waving their lighters in the air. While Sin With A Grin and Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide return the album to a faster speed and heavier pumping bass and metal-tastic guitar sound.

Of the two sides to Shinedown’s music I prefer it when they are coming towards me like a steaming train with more decibels than lighters.  I understand that anthemic MOR tracks are good for radio, tv and more importantly commercial success but I like to see bands with long hair, tattoos and menacing looks to be loud, grungy and full of spunk; and judging by some of the photos uploaded to the Shinedown Photos website page, I’m not alone.

Shinedown Heavy Rock ‘n Grunge

Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness
Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness

Shinedown – For those about to rock, we salute you!

If you like your rock heavy and with more than a taste of grunge then the American rock band Shinedown is the band for you.

Shinedown merge heavy metal rock with post-grunge.  Imagine Nirvana and Metallica having an illegitimate rock child.  The name of that child is Shinedown.

Shinedown are from Jacksonville, Florida and were formed in 2001 by four friends: Brent Smith, Jasin Todd, Brad Stewart and Barry Kerch.

Lead vocalist Brent Smith and drummer Barry Kerch are the only two remaining members.

Their official website includes Shinedown Photos of the band and their live concerts.

The band is currently on a world tour supporting the Chicago rock band, Disturbed.  Disturbed have sold over 10 million albums worldwide, and released three consecutive number 1 albums in the United States.
The explosive Disturbed and Shinedown live experience is currently gathering pace as it rolls out across  the United States throughout September, and will be coming to play in the UK in October in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester and Glasgow before heading of to mainland Europe for gigs in Belguim, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

For a full list of tour dates and to buy tickets, visit

They may be relatively unknown here in the UK but with three albums, each producing hit singles on the other side of the Atlantic, Shinedown are big news in the United States. In fact their debut album, Leave A Whisper went Platinum!

Their third album, The Sound Of Madness, was released earlier this year on Atlantic Records.  The first single to be taken from the album was the opening track, Devour.  The single made the Top 10 US Charts and was also used as the theme tune for the ‘WWE Night Of Champions 2008’ recently shown on satellite tv.

Devour is an awesome track full of testosterone, power and grit.  Check out the official video to see what you’ve been missing.


The Sound Of Madness was released on 24th June 2008.  All tracks can be listened to on the Shinedown official website and also their MySpace page.