Free MP3 album download – Doomcloud by Kevin Hewick

Doomcloud by Kevin Hewick
Doomcloud by Kevin Hewick

In the summer of 1980, following the untimely suicide of Ian Curtis, the remaining three members of Joy division: Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook & Steven Morris, returned to the studio to record with a Factory Records labelmate and friend, Kevin Hewick.

I can’t remember if the official line was that Kevin Hewick was auditioning to become the new singer with Joy Division or New Order, as they became, or whether the resulting track, Haystack, was always intended to be a one-off collaboration. But months later, after Steven Morris then Peter Hook recorded vocal tracks, New Order decided to release their debut single, Ceremony, an unreleased Joy division song, with guitarist Bernard ‘Barney’ Sumner on vocals.

Haystack was released by Kevin Hewick in 1981 on A Factory Quartet along with six other tracks, on Factory Records.

A Factory Quartet was a double album featuring one side each from four Factory artists: Kevin Hewick, Blurt, The Royal Family & The Poor, and Durutti Column.

Kevin Hewick went on to release his debut single, Ophelia’s Drinking Song, also on Factory Records in February 1982. The single was produced by A Certain Ratio drummer Donald Johnson and Peter Hook.

Hewick left Factory Records and released a couple of singles and albums on the independent Cherry Red label, including the Tender Bruises & Scars: The Factory & Cherry Red Studio Recordings 1980-83 compilation.

Like many other ex-Factory Records artists, Kevin Hewick seemed to drift into silent obscurity with such wonderful artists synonymous with the grey, wet Manchester (even though Hewick is from Leicester!) sound of Tony Wilson, Joy division and Factory Records.  Artists like Section 25, Stockholm Monsters, The Wake and The Royal Family & The Poor.

In 2003 Kevin Hewick recorded Doomcloud, an album laid bare with personal lyrics and just Hewick’s voice and acoustic guitar.

Doomcloud is now available as a free download from Kevin Hewick’s official website.

Hewick describes Doomcloud as:

“My dogme album. Very bare, very honest.”

Doomcloud features raw recordings made between 2000 and 2003 with Robbie Murphy at Woodland Studios in Leicester.

Kevin Hewick recently played European dates with fellow ex-Factory act Section 25 and Joy Division / New Order bass player Peter Hook.

Free Download Doomcloud

Download Doomcloud – free mp3 album and artwork

For more information on what Kevin Hewick is doing in 2009, visit the Kevin Hewick MySpace page.

FAC 501 Tony Wilson – a tribute

You can listen again to the FAC 501 – Tony Wilson Tribute by going to and choosing Listen Again.

TV presenter, critic and one time music journalist, Paul Morley looks back at Tony Wilson’s career with Granada Television and Factory Records.

The show is a 2 hour speech only version of the radio show that was originally broadcast on 30 December.

FAC 501 – Tony Wilson Tribute features an exclusive interview with Tony Wilson, recorded by Newsnight just months before he died, as well as interviews with his friends, including Peter Saville, Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan; and band members of Joy Division/ New Order and A Certain Ratio, among others.

This is a very well produced tribute to a legendary indivdual, to whom so much of the music from Manchester that followed The Sex Pistols and Punk Rock was indebted too.

Tony Wilson died of cancer on 10 August 2007.  He was just 57.

Liam Gallagher to front supergroup

Liam Gallagher to play live with supergroup - FreebassLiam Gallagher is set to front Manchester supergroup Freebass at the upcoming Manchester v Cancer concert at the Manchester Evening News (MEN) Arena on February 23.

Freebass consists of the three bassists Peter Hook, Andy Rourke and Mani. They have been working together over the past year on an album that will feature vocals from the likes of Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream) and Tim Burgess (Charlatans).

According to reports in the Sun newspaper the trio will be joined by Gallagher and former Stone Roses singer Ian Brown on stage at the concert.

Other bands performing for the event include The Verve, Inspiral Carpets, James and Happy Mondays.

Former Smiths bassist and organiser of the event reckons that “this years gig will be talked about for years to come”. With this line up it just could be.

Radiohead play Ceremony by New Order

Thom Yorke - RadioheadWhen I was in a band we would often learn and play favourite songs in rehearsal, mainly for fun and in most cases, never to play live in front of an audience. I have often wondered what songs famous groups would learn in a similar vane.

Radiohead have been one of favourite groups since the early 1990’s, and New order since the conception in 1980. It was therefore with some excitement that I stumbled across a little gem of a video on You Tube yesterday, Radiohead in a rehearsal room playing New Order’s debut single, Ceremony.

Ceremony was written by Joy Division, along with In A Lonely Place (b-side of the New Order debut single) and rough rehearsals can be heard on the Joy Division Heart and Soul box set, but was made famouse when the Joy Division became New Order.

You Tube is full of gems like this one, so I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows of other famous bands who have been caught on film playing songs that don’t appear in their live set.