All we hear is Radio Blog Blog

Radio Blog ClubWhile in my ever ending search for new and inspirational websites and music I came across a music site with an interesting name – Radio Blog Blog. This minimalist site is all things – a jukebox, a blog, forum and shop.

I searched for something a little offbeat – Four Tet – and was pleasantly surprised to receive a rather lengthy list of tracks I could listento in full.  Some tracks were familiar but many were new to me, even though I have a pretty good collection of Four Tet’s own recording as well as his remixes. I chose to listen to the delightful Nathan Fake – You are here (Four Tet remix) which I thoroughly enjoyed. In fact I listened to it three times in a row I was that awestruck!

Now, if that wasn’t a good enough reason to return at a later date, the Radio Blog ‘jukebox’ then continued to play tracks from the search results –  Reshuffle’s Hedonism and Pan-Pot’s Charly. The search results automatically drop into the player’s playlist. All three minimalist techno-edged electronica tracks were new to me but immediately appealed and made me wish I was in a smoked-machine filled with laser lights,freinds and cheesy grins. This is a fantastic way to hear new music.

You can download or add the Radio Blog player to your own website, blog, iGoogle page and now you can share your playlist in Facebook.