Underworld Live Dates, New Single, New Album

UnderworldUnderworld return this Autumn with a new single, album & promotional tour. The new single, Crocodiles, is both interesting and familar. Using similar, if not a formularised approach to producing a commercial hit and precursor to the new album, Karl Hyde and Rick Smith are still miles above the rest of the rock/pop outfits that embraced and led the way in dance music crossover groups that began to filter through in the ealry 1990’s; and as such should be credited alongside Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. Infact, I would go as far to say, credit them with the baton passed on in the late 1980’s by the lesser known Renegade Soundwave, in pushing barriers and breaking the rules.

Since their groundbreaking and brilliantly titled third album DubNoBassWithMyHeadMan (1993) Underworld have walked a similar path to Radiohead, as in they have both continued to push the boundaries of whatever tag they have been labeled with. Neither have pandered to or craved commercial success in a way that has watered down their peers.

After last year’s film soundtrack to Breaking and Entering, the new album Oblivion With Bells promises to be a slight departure from previous releases in that Karl Hyde explains it will be more influence by experimental electronica influences and trends. I am personally hoping for an Underworld meet Trentemoller versus Fourtet with a seasoning of the lager! lager! lager! lager!

The Underworldworld tour started in the USA on 7th September and comes to the Ireland and the UK on 4th October where they play Dublin, Belfast, Southampton, Birmingham, Norwich, Newcastle, Glasgow, Nottingham, Manchester and London before heading off to Europe, South Korea and Japan.

Check Underworld Live website for full details.